In fact, sometimes it's good to be "Zhang Zhiming".

In fact, sometimes it's good to be "Zhang Zhiming".
There are some problems that need not be solved, because they are not a problem at all.


it is said that everyone who sees this place can't help laughing.

and Chunjiao suddenly pulled away from her sad mood because of this sentence.

I didn't know why Chun Jiao liked Chi Ming before, but now I think it's because although he is naive, he can always melt other people's hearts with his "tongue-in-cheek" answer.

maybe every boy should keep a little bit of Zhang Zhiming.

does not mean to learn from his "childishness", but to cherish the "softness".

my boyfriend often works overtime and seldom has the opportunity to accompany me. I received his Wechat one day: the sudden surprise that I came back early tonight to see "the Master of training Dragons"

made me immediately sit up out of bed. I began to search the theatre at the nearby cinema, took a shower, changed my clothes, and got ready to go out.

but I looked at the time on the phone screen. From 8: 00 to 9: 00, to almost 10: 00, he didn't finish his work.

I know that movies are impossible.

"if you're not sure you can get off work early, don't say it." When my boyfriend got home, I said so.

with that, he took the phone out of his trouser pocket and said, "Let's order takeout."

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although it is humiliating to be amused when you are angry.

because when he said rotten stem, I felt that he was trying to ease the tense relationship.

just like Zhou Xingchi in "Zero hair of the Secret Service inside", because he was in a bad mood, he had a big fight with his wife when he got home. He shouted angrily, "you go, I never want to see you again."

my wife was stupefied for a moment and asked softly, "are you hungry? I might as well cook a bowl of noodles for you."

at that moment, Zhou Xingchi fell.

it turns out that what really defeats us is never any confrontation, but when you try to fight, you find that the other party has laid down all his weapons.

I was angry only because my emotions were focused on that matter, so my boyfriend was right to distract me with the words "out of tune".

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then my parents won't say anything more.

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so you can be sure that some problems will not be solved and will not become problems.


people who care about you, as long as they have a choice, will not choose the path that hurts their feelings.

ask two questions:

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