I'm sorry, don't send me any more bargaining links.

I'm sorry, don't send me any more bargaining links.
Some people know at a second glance that we can't be friends.

"it's getting harder and harder to make friends after graduation."

every time I brush on this dynamic, I would like to reply below:

you will find that the characters of many people around you will be more comfortable if they just stay at the "acquaintance" stage.

@ Xiaoqi

I have always felt that to make friends, the pay is the same as the return.

this does not mean the exchange of money, but mutual concern.

when I was studying in the north, I had a friend who often ate hot pot together. She took care of me a lot. Because of my lack of qi and blood, she often ordered duck blood that I didn't like and put it painstakingly into my bowl.

because of "for your own good", I was forced to bear too much duck blood.

although I later found out from her moments that she sent a screenshot of Meituan showing that she had ordered duck blood vermicelli soup nine times in half a month to show her love.

but I still called it cute, not abhorrent.

the day we really broke up, we ate too late and wanted to go back to school. I told her to remember to let me know when we arrived.

but when I got home that night, I sent her a lot of messages and there was no reply.

so I sat on the bed, thinking about the remote path of her school, and thinking of the news I had heard some time ago, and I began to regret it.

regret not asking her roommate's phone number, not remembering the license plate number, but also regretting that the inner struggle with duck blood was so long that it delayed time.

as a result, the next day, she replied that she was just asleep, with no apology, but laughed at me for making a big deal out of it.

at this moment, I looked like a psychopath in her laughter after staying up all night.

I finally realized that her concern for me is an illusion, while my concern for her is a joke.

my boyfriend told me that she should have stopped her loss in time when she posted duck blood vermicelli soup in her moments.

because when we give our heart in a relationship, we may gain another heart, but we may not.

when my "secret" becomes your social conversation.

during the military training in college, she happened to be next to me and was also a classmate in my next class, so we naturally became good friends.

at that time, we went to the toilet hand in hand, photographed the sunset together, and spoke ill of the instructor together.

I even gave up my inseparable roommate and had dinner with her every day.

towards the end of the military training, the monitor of her class quietly confessed his love to me.

I only told her about it.

but the next day I found that when the class ran up to count, the girls in her class began to look at me curiously.

later, this curious look turned into a whisper of laughter and rumors.

there is a saying in Guangdong that "take it as a favor". It means that some people will give some gossip about right and wrong to others as a circulating social currency on hand, in order to get the attention of others.

when she couldn't wait to show her classmates that she was holding a lot of "first-hand" news, she also put me in an awkward position.

I haven't said a word to her since then.

because for me, the firmness of a friendship sometimes depends not on how much we have experienced together, but on that we all share the same principles at certain critical moments.

@ Jingfei

KK and I are interns at the same time.

entered the same project with her, survived the overtime at 12:00, the common status of newcomers in the workplace, so that we become sympathetic.

when she picked up takeout at noon, she would bring in my early delivery of takeout at the door.

but when I asked about the time of the meeting, her reply was mostly "busy recently". There are three exclamation points that follow.

if your feelings fade in this way, you can recognize them. After all, friendship arising from work friendship and distance is normal because it ends with a long distance.

but during the recent holiday, she asked her about the meeting time again, but she didn't answer, but half an hour later, she sent me a bargain link.

looking at the fewer and fewer greetings in the chat records, and more and more voting and like links, I have to admit:

it is not because of the distance that friendship weakens;

making friends is just like shopping, it's just a choice. strong>

in order to explain this sentence, I specially collected the above moments of friendship bankruptcy.

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is often more difficult to distinguish between true and false than we think. Few relationships can last forever without the support of a common experience and consistent values.

that's why we meet an average of 800 people a day, speak 2,000 words, produce dozens of intersections, but still feel lonely at three o'clock in the morning.

A true friend is.

song /Best Bad friend

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