"I'm not a compromise person."

"I'm not a compromise person."
We made a short film for ten minutes.

on the day that Chen Kexin shot "three minutes" with iPhone X, we also happened to make a 10-minute short film called "disorganized" on Iphone.

neither, actually, I made this short film just to satisfy myself.

as a result, a year has passed, not to mention a film, not even a script.

Time to update your wardrobe and add some vintage prom dresses factors. The available collection can go well with all occasion.

so while the motivation of 18 years has not gone away, I went to my photographer friend Fanshuo and asked him to help me with this "chaos".

but ten years later, I haven't really photographed anything, which shows the gap between "thinking" and "doing".

Today's impromptu "chaos" doesn't have any wonderful stories. It's more like a little documentary about what I think of chaos, writers, contributors, and readers.

but I also hope that it can give you some different experiences and learn from other angles what a messy group of people are hiding behind the screen every day to write articles for you.

so I gave the film another name:

say something more.

she sighed "awesome, really young".

I also have several buttons, one with "disorganized", one with "girlfriend angry again", and another with "thorns". The last one is a little different from the first two. The word "ideal" accounts for a lot more behind that button than "business".

because I'm not strong enough, I can't write a story or screenplay that I like, and I can't make a really good film. Press excitedly every time, and then come back full of disappointment.

press, 1/1000000 chance; if you don't press, there is absolutely no chance.

finally, remember the line at the end of the film: "there is no word in the world that is more harmful than 'good'."

Almost Human-Antonio Sanche

Practicing-Justin Hurwitz

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