"I'm in trouble."

"I'm in trouble."
I hear you're in trouble, too.

trouble, it is probably a word that appears frequently in messy articles.

disturb, which means to use one state to cut into another.

every action and every word is cautious, lest it hinder what others are moving forward because of their own inappropriate appearance.

it was during the World Cup, and everyone was in a frenzy.

as for his own troubles, Chen Lian said this:

Wear our dusty blue bridesmaid dresses to achieve your superb look. Our online shopping makes your shopping experience easy and happy.

but these five words imply a troublesome psychological process: from confirmation at the beginning to uncertainty due to external reasons, and then directly negate their own ideas.

A group of troublesome people decided to present the process of this struggle, so they had it:

some questions about trouble T.

this leads to a question: what is "season T"?

clothes become transparent and thin, resulting in bumps and perspective, both boys and girls feel very indecent and embarrassing.

2, the trouble of thick quality T, will it be very hot in summer?

trouble T adopts a five-part sleeve profile design, which can block the "good-bye meat" of the arm, and the profile design can maximize the movement space of the arm and neck, breathable and comfortable.

3, color and number of yards.

but unable to withstand the request of our "troublesome" friends, we especially increase the cost, and has customized more XS and XXS codes.

4, discount.

copy and open it to Taobao.

70s Converse was drawn last time, but it was a pity that it failed. I will continue to draw 70s Converse this time.

finally, say a few words.

the original intention of troublesome t design is in part to help troublesome people present the process of self-entanglement. strong>

then recognize and accept your troubles, and then try to change it. After

is expressed, things may not necessarily work out.

troublesome people make a dress for troublesome people that is not troublesome to wear. I hope you like it.

above, thank you for your support.

does it look good?