"I'm going to take a graduation photo, but he's not coming."

"I'm going to take a graduation photo, but he's not coming."
So, did you say goodbye seriously?

there are fewer and fewer flower vendors in the square in front of the library, but the business of express delivery points has increased, and the discount information of overweight express delivery has been hung up. When I pass by every day, I can see that the corner is full of big packages.

go our separate ways.

I think there must be a scene that will make you feel familiar or deeply touched.

Nothing can stand to be compared with short white wedding dresses. Click and choose your dreaming and favorite garments.

but today I saw you in the picture, standing next to another girl in a scholar's uniform.

I didn't go when he took his graduation photo, and he didn't come when I took my graduation photo. Jokingly told him that after taking graduation photos, remember to send me some to see, as a result, there is a picture with a beautiful little sister.

now I can only see him in Wechat steps.

@ horse

it would be nice if it wasn't p.

get up at four o'clock in the morning and put on facial mask and makeup, hoping to look beautiful all the time.

@ Miss

@ Qin

@-the day Xue Zijie

was photographed, everyone had friends and relatives to send flowers, which made me look like an outlier. In order to hide my embarrassment, I have been taking pictures of them.

that day was hot and tired.

@ Meat

as a result, I was the only one standing in the classroom crying foolishly.

on the day of graduation, I thought I would cheer like that in the movie, but I found that when the head teacher finished talking, we parted in this way.

@ Qianshan

but this time, we never met again.

I helped my roommates carry their luggage downstairs one by one, saw them off, called a taxi myself, and drove slowly out of the school gate from the dormitory building, carrying so much luggage. I wanted to cry but was afraid of the strange driver's joke next door.


the teacher simply stopped class and each ate a watermelon and took a final group photo.

I just can't let TA know.

graduation photos are the regret of my life.

@ Echo

@ Spring cold

all the people present were hugged by me, tears whirling, blocking the view.

@ Zhong Ziyi

I hugged her who hugged me so hard that she secretly kissed the corner of my mouth before running away.

@. Fat cub

then he turned around and fastened it for her as well.

"all right, I'll take you here."

I'm going to take a graduation photo, and then he won't come.

after the college entrance examination, I went back to the dormitory to sort out my housework, and before I left the school, the radio sounded "alumni of the 2017 third year of high school".

@ Hibiscus

didn't have time to hug my favorite teacher, the people I really wanted to see didn't meet, and we were finally friends.

in fact, only you know that you are crying because you regret too much.

I left my college graduation photo album in the dormitory because I was in such a hurry to collect my luggage.

@ kind Zhiqi

now he is alone. I wonder if he will come when I graduate next year.

the night of the graduation banquet ended my first relationship in more than four years, and I had a hard time.

@ ^ O Yipyip

later someone told me that he smiled at that time.

@ sandwiches

send them to the station one by one, give them a hug, wait for them to get on the bus, watch the car leave, and I'll send the next one.

you see, the school is such a magical place. When I am here, I am dilapidated, but I leave after graduation, but I decorate immediately. It seems that there are not as many handsome boys and beauties in our school as in other schools. At that time, I scolded every day, but I couldn't see others say it was bad.

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you see, when it comes to graduation, everyone seems to be in mourning.

rather than blindly reminiscing about the past, what we need to do is to strive to achieve our ideals, so that when we look at a beautiful dress, we will not flip through the price and put it down again and again.

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