I'm going to move on with the strength you've given me.

I'm going to move on with the strength you've given me.
You're more than that.

when was the last time I felt strong, and whether it is still there now?

A nice person.

fell in love with a good singer, he brought me courage, I must be better for him.

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I went to Chen Yizhen's album signing in Shenzhen in March, and I felt good for the next few days, and I have to go to see her concert tour in Guangzhou in July.

an unexpected and reasonable ranking.

I just took part in a competition the other day about creating a virtual brand. The headache is that I am in charge of the brand name and logo. In addition to finding this difficult, it is more likely to be afraid that it will not be accepted.

@ Grain Star

this strength offsets part of the inferiority complex.

three years of high school filled with learning

@ boring

@ Sisi

@ jimmy

then I begin to learn to make wrong problem books. I will focus on learning which knowledge points I don't know yet, and I don't have to look at those that have already been learned.

inadvertently, I got

@ Sssi-p

@ escape from the seaweed roll

the moment I came down from the administrative building and came into contact with the gentle wind in September, I thought I really took the first step.

support yourself.

@ confidence

@ jane

when we were working on the project last year, we had reached the end of the road, when we were on the verge of collapse, but the team began to encourage each other, "We can do it" and "start all over again."

@ soak in the warm sun

finally make it to kindergarten. Now I send my children to school every morning, then go to work by myself, and pick them up after work in the afternoon. No one is pointing fingers at me anymore. It feels great to be a woman who takes care of both family and work.

someone is behind me.

I am a very unconfident person, but I like the host very much, you know, the host without self-confidence is really scary.

@ Xuan

I used to be a girl with super inferiority complex. I didn't even dare to wear a skirt and lipstick because I thought I would never be beautiful again.

persist for a period of time

@ Kerun.Daji

@ Gale

persist for a period of time

@ Kerun.Daji

I wonder what kind of warm clothes, nice colors and makeup to wear in today's weather. I have persisted for a long time, and now I feel strong enough to face the person I like cleanly and beautifully.

do something that makes you happy.

Let's dance. When I come into contact with dancing, whenever I walk on the road and hear music, I will be very confident, confident and in a better mood.

the thing that gives me confidence is that I worked as a school announcer when I was in junior high school. I broadcast current events and tell stories to the whole school during Wednesday cleaning.

later, I tried to be the host of raising the national flag on Monday, slowly had the courage to express my ideas in front of people, slowly dared to express my thoughts, and slowly wanted to be a teacher.


coincidentally, before writing a manuscript to give me a little strength, I also regard the "counterattack" and "ranking" in high school as a proud capital.

that is to say, confidence also has a shelf life.

the answer is no.

instead of immersing in it and comforting yourself with expired efforts, we are constantly driven and guided by it to create more confidence.

you know, we can do better.

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asks two questions:

did you star us?