"I'm glad to fall in love with you."

"I'm glad to fall in love with you."
I found the same kind of love in two Oscar movies.

one is the Tale of Water. During the Cold War in 1963, there were mute cleaners and blue-glowing amphibians in a top-secret laboratory.

by beauty, I am not only talking about the beauty of stories and scenes, but in these two films, I found the same kind of love, which is so beautiful that it is difficult to find in reality.

this is how I describe it: love you as much as I love myself.

but fall in love with someone who is "like yourself", because he sees himself in him, so he is very precious.

in the Tale of Water, Alicia asks the landlord to help her rescue the amphibians locked up in the laboratory.

the landlord rejected her, saying it was against the law, saying he was just a monster .

she trembled and signed. "I opened my mouth, just like him. I can't make a sound, like him. So what am I? "

"the way he looks at me, he doesn't think I'm incomplete, he sees me as myself, and he's happy to see me, every time, every day."

rest during the day, work as a cleaner in the lab at night, and listen to my friend Zelda complain endlessly about her husband. Occasionally take care of the poor painter landlord, listen to him comment on all kinds of stars.

she is lonely. When she sees an amphibian who is as silent and chained to her neck as she is, she doesn't think it's a monster. She sees herself in him, and she can even communicate with him.

whenever she saw him, she couldn't help mop the floor and dance, every time, every day.

make someone who looks a lot like you happy. In fact, it is also a process of pleasing yourself.

she only wears black leather shoes, and she will wave her hand to refuse when everyone breaks the rules and smokes in the loading and unloading area.

after the amphibians appeared, she began to do some crazy things.

for a person who is precious enough, the system in our body seems to be in disorder overnight, making people never look like they used to be, and even do a lot of abnormal behavior.

but when he opens the refrigerator at home, you'll find it's full of lime pie that he can't even eat.

Alisha's friend Zelda always complains about her husband, but still takes care of him like a giant baby every day.

in the end, like the landlord, he will leave disappointed when the boss discriminates against blacks and when the boss knows that he is gay and tells him not to come again.

falling in love with someone like yourself, maybe like Eliza, becomes vivid. Instead of trying to find common ground, as landlords and Zelda did.

so I always fantasize that there is a device in the world, connected to my head and his head, so that ideas can be transmitted to him clearly and accurately.

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Please call me by your name, there is a special game between Elio and Oliver, and they will address each other by their own names.

once Elio played a short piece of music on the guitar. Oliver liked it very much. He wanted Elio to play it again on the piano.

after several times, seeing that Oliver was leaving angrily, Elio smiled and played the original song for him again.

We used to say that we should find someone with similar values.

there is a very interesting plot in the movie.

later, Elio became friends with the girl and faced herself. A few years later, Oliver called and said he was getting married next spring.

Oliver knew he was sad and asked if you would mind. This time Elio bit his lip and was silent, and his eyes seemed to be a little angry.