I'm afraid people will say I can't.

I'm afraid people will say I can't.
Wen /Chen Lu there is an amusement park in my house, which is the best place for entertainment around, but I am always not interested. The biggest reason is that I dare not ride the roller coaster. Yes

I had a group chat with some friends who went to college in other places, and people often talked about where to go for the holidays. After Disneyland opened last year, the group blew up. They asked me why I didn't speak. A girl replied for me, "she's afraid to ride the roller coaster. I don't want to go."

but then the more I thought about it, the more awkward I found that what scares me more than the roller coaster is that others are the first to say I can't.

I actually rode a roller coaster some time ago.

it stands in the amusement park where we go most often. Since childhood, I have seen it no less than ten times, but I never dare to look at it again.

it was a pity that they were only half right, and they chose to ignore the sign with a waiting time of two hours.

I hesitated for a long time or swallowed the same sentence on the edge of my mouth, telling myself that it was not yet time to see how they would react.

that's a pretty girl. I'm afraid that's why they treat each other differently, so they still don't confess. I just take a fluke and think that they may suddenly dare later.

failed, a boy came and grabbed me, loosened my shoulder and said with a smile, "you can, think about it, this is the most exciting thing here. If you can even sit on this, there will be nothing to be afraid of in the future."

I don't know what went wrong, but I actually sat on it.

but what's interesting is that I went there with someone else later, and finally looked at my bag at the bottom.

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it seems that sometimes it doesn't depend on the ability, but on the atmosphere. Others say you can, but this time you can. If others say you can't, you really can't.

when it comes to that training class, I think it's an impulsive choice.

I always thought it was a whim, but when asked by my classmates, I found that a large part of the reason for my smooth start was that there was no such person around me to ask. I didn't know if it was difficult or tired to learn. Although it turned out to be an affirmative answer, at least I didn't know at that time, and no one said I couldn't.

as a matter of fact, I was very bold when I was a child. In my eyes, a pirate ship is no different from a large cradle, but children are bold because they do not know what the danger is. They only know that they want to try, but they will not ask others whether it is difficult or dangerous. Usually, they have tried before parents come and warn them.

but as we grow up, we will hear more and more such words, "this is a little difficult for you" and "how can you bear such hard work?" these words come out one after another and seem to be very considerate, but they are actually an injection of hypnotic anesthesia. so that when we become addicted, we even ask people around us for really difficult, really hard answers, so that we can continue to sleep in a comfortable hotbed.

she replied that I went to audition first, and I felt very happy when I saw it.

one last thing.

everyone who talked to him at that time said he couldn't, and a friend even found a movie about the rocket explosion to show him.

it is true that those exhortations and obstructions may be objective and for his sake, but it never occurred to them that what a potential dreamer needs is not negation, but support and advice.

in the past, people joked that you could say no, but don't say it was for my own good, but now I feel that no is the worst thing to say.

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