I'm about to graduate. Let's break up.

I'm about to graduate. Let's break up.
It seems that this is as far as we can go.

the story of Anan.

when I ran into Anan on the bus, it had been three years since the last high school reunion.

he stared at my linen hair and asked me if I was going to join the women's team. I teased him that he must not have been scratched by his girlfriend recently.

since high school, Anan and his wife have been the envy of everyone. After class, I can often see his girlfriend standing at the back door of the classroom, because she is shy and dare not let anyone call him out. Then someone shouted to the classroom for her, "Ah Nan, your wife is here."

Anan ran out of the classroom, his girlfriend gently tugged at the corner of his clothes, and the two talked in a low voice.

I once asked him what was the secret to maintaining a relationship, and he said, "sometimes she is nicer to me, sometimes I am nicer to her."

even after such a long time, I often think of this sentence when I see couples fighting. But when I teased him this time, instead of raking his ears like the happy one before, he fell silent.

I dared not speak either. I secretly typed a line on the phone screen, ready to quietly ask my familiar friend Anan if he broke up with his girlfriend.

before the message was sent out, Anan suddenly said: "she has signed the company in Beijing and is leaving next week."

I was a little surprised. He continued to say to himself, "but we agreed to stay in Guangzhou together."

"so I threatened her that if she really went to Beijing, I would go to Hainan and break up."

the bus arrival sign sounded untimely. I stubbornly swallowed my words back and said to Anan's back, "talk to her. You've been together for so many years."

Anan waved his hand: "We'll see."

he got off the bus and the bus took me away.

the story of Xiaoting.

at the party a few days ago, I was lying on the sofa playing with my cell phone bored, and my friend leaned over mysteriously: "you know, Xiao Ting broke up with her boyfriend."

my heart of gossip was suddenly ignited by this sentence: "her boyfriend has always been very kind to her, and last month I heard that they traveled to Xiamen together."

my friend gave me a meaningful look: "because I went to Xiamen." Then she looked around and lowered her voice: "Xiao Ting's family has always wanted her to marry a rich one, but her family doesn't like her current boyfriend."

then he sighed: "I heard that Xiao Ting was clamoring for a trip. She wanted to go abroad, but her boyfriend couldn't afford it."

in a strange way, I wanted to click on her boyfriend's circle of friends, but found that I didn't know when it began to close quietly.

on the contrary, Xiao Ting's circle of friends is still updating the trend of having dinner with friends, shopping and clocking in online red shops every day. There is no sign of sadness at all. Even in the recent posts, there is a figure of a rich second generation in the circle.

No one can tell clearly from which stage Qian and his family were accidentally mixed into the category of the criteria for choosing a mate.

I got stuck in the sofa and began to ponder.

the story of Hiroko.

not long after the beginning of the senior year, Haozi's girlfriend came to Guangzhou with her suitcase.

he also invited everyone to dinner to celebrate the end of his more than three-year long-distance relationship. The two rented a small single room in the city village near the school, found some simple furniture, and began a sweet cohabitation life.

if Haozi hadn't asked us out for a drink that day, we would have thought that he would have had a good time showing his love in his moments.

after two glasses of wine, a sentence "really TM tired" also blurted out. He clicked on the memo on his cell phone, which was full of interview time and address. In order to distinguish it, the key mark in front of it was his girlfriend's, but not his.

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I counted carefully that on the most day he had to run five interviews, two of his own, three with his girlfriend, and still in different districts. I couldn't help but admire his perseverance: "there are not many competent boyfriends like you."

he smiled a wry smile: " I wouldn't want to go with her if I could. obviously you can get there as soon as the subway entrance comes out, and the route of the map is also very clear. she just doesn't want to go by herself, saying that she is a stranger in Guangzhou. "

he drank the glass of wine in front of him again: "several times I put off my important interview in order to accommodate her interview time."

"but she didn't understand me at all. She even accompanied her through the business district after the interview the night before last, and she wanted to take me in for a stroll."

finally, he fell on the table and buried his head in his arm: "if it goes on like this, we might as well break up."

the story of Adrian.

not long after the senior year began, Adhuo found an internship and simply moved to the vicinity of the company for the convenience of commuting to and from work. Soon, there was the news that he was living with a girl. They went to and from work together, went to the movies together, and he took her to our party with him.

it's just that he never officially introduced the girl as his girlfriend. This layer of ambiguous relationship, let everyone look at her eyes, a little more sympathy and compassion.

but everyone will still tease Ah Zhuo Yanfu with cooperation, and will call her "sister-in-law" several times when she rises. She blushed and groped for her hand, but Adhuo pulled it out cleverly and patted her.It's the shoulder.

while she was in the bathroom, Adhuo came up to me and lit a cigarette. I hesitated for a moment, or asked: "study abroad visas have been applied for?"

he exhaled a smoke, as if relieved, but also like sighing: "it's all ready."

"when are you leaving?"

"haven't you told her yet?"

then try to find an answer for this dead love in my heart.

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of course Anan didn't go to Hainan in anger. After calming down, he still found a job in Guangzhou and was ready to accumulate some experience and then go to Beijing to join her. He said that nothing could make him give up the relationship.

Xiaoting met richer boys as she wanted, but she seemed to be the right person to marry.

while Adhuo is still holding on. He made up his mind that since he could not speak out his scum in person, he might as well block all contact information immediately before boarding the plane and stop contacting him.

is so caught off guard, in this short graduation season, listening to too many joys and sorrows.

at this time, everyone pretends to have collective amnesia and forgets the "treasure" that was cried out in the graduation photo.

you still have to wipe your tears and tell yourself that the most important thing is to make money and live a serious life.

keep going.

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