"I'll go first."

"I'll go first."
The passive in the relationship.

I said that there is a group of people who are relatively passive in their relationships. They will not take the initiative to express or show anything. Sometimes they even like the appearance of a group of people and a person, giving people a sense of indifference and distance.

what I describe is such a person, a person who is passive in a relationship, a person who is "indifferent" in expressing emotion.


when I saw him in the classroom in May, I said with an exaggerated smile, "Wow, long time no see."

I pointed my mouth at his hair and said, "Nice new haircut."

the smile on my face paused, and then I took it back with some emotion: "I haven't seen you for a long time." When will you leave this time? "

me: "go out for dinner tonight?" It's rare for everyone to be together. "

I gave a thoughtful sound, and then quickly said, "Let's talk about it in two days. You're going to stay for a while anyway."

Lao Ji is not a particularly easy person to get along with, that is to say, it is easy to feel a kind of "indifference" in him.

he seldom participates in team building. The department launched a campaign, saying that the buckle 1 will not buckle 2, and a row of cheerful 1 will always insert a sudden 2 belonging to the old season.

I looked at the whole row of open dormitories opposite and said with emotion, "everyone just left."

I said, "but the relationship four years ago is different from that four years later."

paused. Instead of continuing the discussion, I changed the topic.

Guangzhou was so hot a few days ago that it was too boring to go out.

Old season's eyelids didn't lift: "not long after you buy it, you will put the game console aside because you are busy with your work."

Lao Ji looked at the date of his mobile phone: "it's almost the end of June. I think it's all in Shenzhen when the game machine arrives."

I often wonder whether the reason why Lao Ji gives people a sense of indifference has anything to do with his insensibility and unimpulsiveness.

he always says something so bluntly, but he never adds something like "but it's been a good time" or "that's why we need to get in touch more."

Lao Ji left Guangzhou yesterday.

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because things were packed some time ago, he didn't even have to ask a few more people to help him carry some things.

the only complaint about graduation is "the graduation ceremony is like a graduation meeting".

the old season was a little confused and said what to do, but he put his hand through it and patted his roommate on the back.

Lao Ji said doubtfully that no, we still have a lot of chat.


when he was approaching the gate, he suddenly asked me, "am I a very cold person?"

I asked him how he felt.

"before he left, he suddenly said he wanted a hug. I was surprised, didn't he? I always feel a little guilty." I don't seem to feel guilty, but I just feel like I'm a little indifferent. "

after saying be careful on the way, Lao Ji suddenly pulled out a small box from behind him: "this is for you. It's a graduation gift. I'll go first."


when I got half of it, I browsed my moments when I sat down and had a rest.

but the content still has nothing to do with graduation.

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