If you ever met me.

If you ever met me.

"well, it's fine." I took a sip of the lemon tea in front of me.

"to be honest, I don't have a problem with this design for the time being, but I have a special feeling."

"met the real chaos."

for me, what is more wonderful than online "meeting" is offline meeting.

it is not quite the same as the "bump" in our impression, which is mostly embarrassing or pretending to be invisible.

in fact, you two have noticed each other in the crowd, but we all have a tacit understanding to maintain this subtle "silence".

even if you don't have any conversation or even eye contact, you will still be excited and have an aftertaste.

Hey, messy. You know, I took you out today and met another you.

Last week, in the article "after I give it to you", we officially launched the "I give you a moment" series, which has our specially made bracelet gift box.

there is a passage from the "I gave you a moment" series:

"stupid me", "sad me", "negative me".

this "I" is so special that I can't tell the difference between him and other "me".

become the "me" who likes you.

in the last push, there were four new products in this series:

, but in fact, the "I gave you a moment" series, there are far more than these four products.

this is our first sweater.

Peacock Blue

but after the sample clothes come out, it is found that blue is very demanding for the skin color of the wearer.

therefore, the designer specially adopted malachite blue, which is low saturation .

he said: "saturation (purity) is the freshness of the color. To put it simply, the closer a color is to gray, the lower the saturation. "

as we all know, different colors can have an impact on people's mood. Reducing color saturation is actually weakening the impact of color on people's emotions.

Peacock Blue , at first glance, it is blue, but on closer inspection, it is a little bit green.

after wearing it on the body, it weakens the contrast caused by the difference between clothes and human skin color.

graffiti jacquard

I hope it can not only be worn inside, but also be used as an outer cover. So it's especially stamped on the back of the sweater.

at the same time, what we want to say through this scene of "ponytail between girlfriends" is:

sweaters are elastic clothing, and ordinary printing workmanship either fades during washing or distorts the printing because of elasticity.

the above are some sample sweaters

round neckline & thick plate offset printing

considering that not all friends like the wrapping feeling of high-necked sweaters, this time the neckline is designed as a round collar, which also makes the sweater look comfortable to wear.

at the same time, the designer's here thinks carefully :

second, when friends are close or even lovers hug each other, they can see the phrase "I sent you for a moment", which becomes a little romance between the two in the intimate distance.

| about format and quality

the version still follows the messy and loose sense of sag, which is not only suitable for the outside of the coat, but also can wear more clothes inside when it is cold.

this time we choose high density wool weaving of 28x2, which not only highlights the version, but also makes the sweater's solid and quality more important.

at the same time, you can also enjoy cross-store discount and discount activities on the same day. The final price is 164RMB .

sweaters are only available in stock 200pieces .


Coach jacket

first layer: streamer feel fabric

under the same color, the matte fabric will largely look old-fashioned or dull.

because it can be illuminated by light, with the ups and downs of the fabric, the position of the light source changes, showing a leaping or flowing line luster.

layer 2: reflective bar

in addition, we also hope that the "hug should be deep" series and "send"In the series of "I in a moment of you", the two are connected with each other.

Wear our edgy prom dresses to achieve your superb look. We have a vast range of styles and cuts to choose from.

there are reflective strips on both sides of the sleeve

combined with the theme "I sent you for a moment", the offset printing of the word "I" with low saturation and the digital embroidery representing "one moment" are used to present the texture of the pattern.