If you don't study hard, you'll have to shoot Douyin when you grow up.

If you don't study hard, you'll have to shoot Douyin when you grow up.
People are trying to decorate their ignorance.

I have forgotten the last time I finished reading a book.

because money is tight, I have to open Xianyu and have a look at the above market. It turns out that the number of second-hand sellers is no less than the brand-new ones, and sellers have a variety of reasons to sell.

among all the sellers' descriptions, this Kindle has numerous advantages and is well worth buying.

"although Kindle is good and I know it's good, I'm still going to sell it.

but enjoy reading it at home. "

back in high school, boys had "fighting the Sky" and girls had Chang'an and Rao Xueman in August. Even if they were not classics, reading was still a hobby and entertainment for young people at that time.

tell you how to become a seaweed fluttering in the wind, which star gets married or cheats again, and which ten types of boys can't marry, or shock people several times a day.

but one day when I go in and have a look, there are more than 200 friends who have joined the book, but less than ten have read for more than 10 minutes a week.

but half a year ago, it quietly stopped updating, leaving only a regrettable statement: I'm sorry, the studio just can't hold up.

in contrast to Douyin, the number of users is surging every day, with 15-second short videos giving people sensory stimulation at the fastest speed.

I wanted to read a few pages of books before going to bed, but a push pop came from Douyin, accidentally clicked on it, and put down my phone at 4 o'clock in the morning.

at first, I will click a few likes to show encouragement and stimulate myself who do not read, but for a long time, for onlookers, they are used to being numb.

"read a stupid book and post it on moments. I don't know what to show off."

"send it on time and on time every day, making yourself look like a WeChat businessman."

I don't know why reading and clocking in has become something that can pull hatred behind my back.

in order to avoid embarrassment, I can only take out my mobile phone and swipe up and down again and again to refresh the page.

The flexibility of black prom dresses gives you a style like no other. Benefit now from the utility and simplicity mixes.


many people, like me, feel anxious even though they know that this is not good, but they are powerless to change, and even cannot escape from this strange circle.

and there are still many less developed parts of the world that still treat books as luxuries.

living in the same world, you see different horizons.

April 23 is World Reading Day. Le Dun Eye Drops, in conjunction with NetEase News, launched the public welfare activity "A Book for TA" , so that everyone will not lose the opportunity to broaden their horizons because of the lack of conditions.

if you want to participate in "A Book for TA", as long as you read a news article on NetEase News APP, you can exchange a page of the book for rural children. With a small effort, open up a big new horizon for them.

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, it is really difficult to read books as a way of "entertainment".

than sensory stimulation, you can't compete with gossip, algorithms, and app that are designed to make you addicted from the beginning.

what it can decide is whether you go along foolishly when talking to others, or understand and respect other people's opinions and express your own ideas.

on the other hand, books are also a ladder to distinguish the level of human knowledge.

Don't let your world always have seaweed dancing on the first floor.

just because I'm afraid to close my eyes