If you don't break up, it will be New year's Day.

If you don't break up, it will be New year's Day.
You go.

I saw a saying in the morning that the word "breakup" appears very frequently every holiday.

I have a friend who annoys her very much by the way she gives gifts during the holidays.

"and he didn't tell me in advance, can you imagine the scene when my roommate stared at me and couldn't help laughing when I was drinking water in my dorm?"

so I also collected ten stories about "Why do you really want to change your object?"

1, @ Anonymous

he said, "Oh, just Wanda?"

every time, you know, every time.

it's as if I wasn't with him, but with someone else.

2, @

said they wanted to raise me to 200 jin.

you are only 200 jin, and your whole family is 200 jin.

when he had a chat one day, he said that he had deleted all the photos about his ex-girlfriend.

then I sent a picture of me interlocking with my ex-girlfriend.

4, @ he

he: "Don't be angry." Me: "I'm really not angry."

he: "you see, he said he wasn't angry."

5, @ Anonymous

I: "do you know what today is?"


he: "this is nonsense. It must be important to sleep."

6, @ Brother Fang er

that spicy chicken patted a grass in the company and said, "marry me."

when do you want to throw the object away?

8, @ are chestnuts

when I hit Sagittarius, he robbed me of red.

in this way, he tricked me into playing games with him every day, saying that he would protect me, and he would really protect me.

I have only one wish for the Spring Festival. Arena of Valor can attack his teammates.

what is the feud of robbing buff?

ordered two ice creams, and he tasted his own several times.

after the switch, he had more, so I thought I'd scoop up a spoon and taste it again.

he has already eaten a new one, and he stares at me.

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10, @ is another anonymous

, it's been almost four or five days.

then ignore me, don't contact me, don't care about me, I can pretend nothing happened, pretend there's no such person.

there are many other stories besides these ten stories.

when I collect these stories, I can feel the entanglement of my partner who is angry and wants to laugh.

but love and hate, love and hate.

perhaps for most people, the love they experience is often not the plain sailing greasy in romance novels.

it's as if a friend was complaining and suddenly felt that he was saying too much, adding: "but he's still fine. Maybe it's called running-in and making do with life."

I was unlucky to meet you.

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