If you are in Beijing, I want to watch a movie with you.

If you are in Beijing, I want to watch a movie with you.
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the reason why this film sounds strange is not because she acted badly, nor because it was not good-looking. On the contrary, Dog 13 was the award-winning film at the Berlin International Film Festival and the best film at the Beijing University Student Film Festival. For Zhang Xueying herself, the film also witnessed a breakthrough in her acting skills, even the peak.

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it's just a pity that Dog Thirteen five years ago may be because of its sensitive title, or because its Chinese family problems are too typical and sharp. The film was banned a few days after it was released.

mention this film today because it will be released again on December 7th, and on December 5th , that is, next Wednesday , we will organize a viewing party in Beijing, where both Jingshi and Fanshuo (our photographer) will be there, and director Cao Baoping will take the stage to talk after the viewing.

so if you are in or around Beijing, don't hesitate if you want to go, not only because this is a rare opportunity for us to meet in Beijing, but also because this movie won't make you regret making this decision.

screening time: 19:00 on December 5th

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