If possible, I'll see you in Zhuhai in December.

If possible, I'll see you in Zhuhai in December.
The first time I met you, I wanted to have an intersection with you.

We will appear in Zhuhai.

December 8, that is, Saturday afternoon, if there is no accident, the disorganized and unpainted Publishing House will appear at the Zhuhai campus of Beijing normal University and will be invited as a guest at the sharing meeting. I will talk to you about some experiences and stories about the team.

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what if I am not a member of the club, but I am in Zhuhai and would like to attend the sharing meeting.

the answer is as follows:

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in early December, our clothes will be new on Taobao, and the review of Morning Bird members will be opened again. You can add koala WeChat account for details.

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