If I marry her.

If I marry her.
Did you cook lunch or did she cook it? Even your mother cooked it?


because from the day we were together, we agreed to "say it if you don't like it", but five 365 days later, the sentence "I don't like you" hasn't even blurted out.

on the day of the proposal, I prepared for a long time. I dragged her to the gate of Guangzhou Zhengjia Square, where she had her first date five years ago. I asked her if she remembered Qixi Festival's performance at that time.

after thinking for a few seconds, she heard the words "kites in the sky are flying in the sky, and people on the ground are chasing them on the ground."

I got down on one knee and told her not to cry. I put the pearl ring on her.

I said, because it matches the pearl necklace I gave you earlier.

my friend is really strange. It was under such circumstances that I kissed her.

you promised her that you would take care of her for the rest of your life, and she promised to accompany you for the rest of your life. And this is not an oath that will be forgotten, but an agreement with legal effect.

what's more, there is an extra member waiting to be born in the word "family".


after that night, the identity of our whole family changed. I became a father, she became a mother, and our parents were promoted to the next level.

because he doesn't seem to have the idea of time yet, he can cry and laugh if he wants to.

so we often can't sleep in the middle of the night, just fall asleep, he protested in the crib. I had to follow her into the kitchen, hand over the milk powder and flush the powder out of the bottle with my hand into the coffee pot.

I sneaked into bed and was awakened as soon as I closed my eyes. Looking up, she was acting as an artificial cradle again.

this "everyone", including me.

this time there is no gift, no background music, only me who likes her.

at that time, she told me that the company had plans and I was going to Beijing on business.

she said that life always changes, so this time, leave me alone with him for half a month.

the child does not understand reason, he can only imitate. Once I picked the onions out of the bowl, he asked that there should be no green food in the bowl every time I ate, including but not limited to onions and green vegetables.

of course, sometimes my emotional control is as erratic as his. When I couldn't stand it, I called her who was on a business trip and asked her for help.

I said I know. it turns out that it is so difficult to love someone with action.

this process was recorded by me in another way, and you can see what happened.

I have heard others say before:

getting married is a matter for two families.

but once you form a very close family and have children, you will encounter all kinds of strange problems.

do you wash the dishes after dinner, or does she wash them? Or even the mother of one side?

I tried to explain again and again at first, telling this party "it doesn't matter this time you wash first" and hinting to the other party "it's your turn next time". Later, I found out that things would not get better at all, and in the end, I had to wash them all.

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but it's worth doing all the time, before and after marriage.

author /Zhang Jingbi

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