If I could, I'd rather you didn't love me so much.

If I could, I'd rather you didn't love me so much.
It needs to change.

before the college entrance examination, my mother made me a lucky charm with the word "cheer" embroidered on it.

frankly speaking, that "cheer" embroidered is really a bit ugly.

so, after the exam, the lucky charm will be sealed at the bottom of my drawer forever.

as soon as I asked, my mother said it was a blessing from her grandmother on her first day at work.

it's a bit silly that a lucky charm passed down can be imitated so differently.

I remember that my mother has never been smart in the way she loves me.

once I really got the first place in the exam, and she readily promised me to go to see the monkey on the weekend.

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as a result, you know, she completely forgot. Although she finally knocked on my door and deliberately made the phone call rejecting mahjong extremely loud, I didn't want to go to it dead or alive.

because what I need is not a step, but an apology.

until I gave acting class to primary school students this semester, I was wrong. Children are really difficult.

finally I knew the truth, but I couldn't muster up the courage to apologize to him, and then the student forced himself to cry and went out.

but whether what we give best is really what they want.

but often we don't know what they want, so we force our love on them.

even if there are spearheads, they will still turn around and scold you.

on the other hand, my cousin drank the Jianlibao in front of him without forgetting to enjoy it with a sound of "ha~". This is taboo in our family.

later, when I whispered to him on Wechat, he was filled with righteous indignation and changed from dissatisfaction with old customs to "not even allowed to drink water" was too inhumane.

the boy is still a boy. My cousin slowly admitted that the girl didn't bring a cup today, so he gave her his own, so he was thirsty all day.

my cousin did not speak for a long time, and it was only very late that he gave me a solemn "um".

after this little thing, I also realized that every generation is different and communication needs to be flexible.

check the new package

slide down and feel Jianlibao's 35-year memorabilia

Jianlibao has donated money to Project Hope since December 1996.

but Jianlibao knows that the spiritual characteristics passed down also need to be communicated with the younger generation and reshaped.


A change of avatar, a long trip, and an industry all need to be explained back and forth several times.

because of this, I choose to block or lie most of the time, and it's a lot easier without an explanation.

when she asked me where I was going, of course I chose to lie and answer neatly to go to a friend's house.

it's not that mom doesn't know I'm dating, but it's troublesome to explain it all.

unexpectedly, when I was ready to go out, she whispered to me, "Happy Anniversary".

that's when I realized:

in other words, if you really decide something and really know what you're doing, don't be afraid to tell your mother.

good night.

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