I'd love to see you, but.

I'd love to see you, but.
So when on earth can we meet?

although everyone says that it is very important, but actually survived and found that friendship has become dispensable.

gradually, it has become normal for a person to sit on the playground, eat sushi and play games alone.

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but each time the result is depressed.

then I realized that Haruki Murakami's phrase "No one likes loneliness, but just doesn't like disappointment" is used to describe this situation.


so from high school to college, I have never missed any class reunion or travel; I always run and organize the birthday parties of several good friends; and whenever and wherever, as long as my friend says, "where are you?" I'll try to be there.

to be friends, either you do more or I do more.

because I know that he is the kind of person who "doesn't have an accident or post a circle of friends", so I replied to him at that time: "where is it?"

I didn't think about anything either. I continued to ask, "where is it?"

by the time I got to that big stall, he had already drunk a few cans of Coke alone.

he shook his head and said, "order when you come."

he didn't tell me "what's going on?"

it wasn't until recently that I talked to him about that night that he told me, "in fact, that night was the hardest time in my life. My dad was found to owe someone more than 600,000. He took out the property certificate and mortgaged it. " He had tears in his eyes as he said this.

I just wish I could do more for my friends around me.

but as long as you feel better because of my company, that's enough.

but when my friends and I go our separate ways, the cost of "doing more" will multiply.

the unfinished work at hand

set at the beginning of the year, but still unfinished savings goals,

these "things" really don't conflict with "making friends." but they can make you as tired as a dog.

so in this state, of course I can understand why friendship becomes dispensable.

go to eat special dishes with them,

tell them some sorrows in their lives,

so if possible,

I don't want to lose you, and I don't want you to lose me.

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