I'd like to meet you.

I'd like to meet you.

(Guangdong University of Foreign Studies University Campus sharing meeting)

Are you looking for the perfect fitting wedding dress dance to bring out your body shape and figure? Nowhere else you will find such a superb choices of collections.

if this is a game, the witness is all of us.

will you still do it?

in my opinion, this is not so much a bet with that classmate as a bet with those present who are insisting on doing something.

do you want to ask if it's messy and can't be painted? In the eyes of some people, we have become successful.

how to write a better story; whether there are more good forms of expression; how to build a stable output chain.

as mentioned in the above bet, in fact, we are not sure where the future will end and what it will be.

on the contrary, we think of ourselves as a friend, or even a "friend of a moment".

you and I are the ones who accompany each other by the court.

this time, we want to extend the moment into a two-hour "offline date": a sharing meeting.

therefore, we hope to find a cooperative organizer to provide this suitable venue.

2. Cooperative organization, with relevant experience in organizing and publicizing activities;

4. Our sharing guest was initially chosen as disorganized editor-in-chief Zhang Jingzhi, and will not draw editor-in-chief Wang Zepeng.

because of the distance, we will give priority to universities or locations in Guangzhou.

for students or organizations who are interested in sharing, please add WeChat consultation: zlwzsx2 .