I wish I had given a little more time.

I wish I had given a little more time.
"I wish I had given a little more time."

I thought he didn't get up, so he had to go by himself. He felt me lift the quilt, and in order not to catch cold, he reached out to cover it for me. He sat up and said:

at first I was very moved. I don't think many people can do this for me.

before asking him why he didn't take off his shoes, he first said, "I'm not taking a bath tonight. I'm so tired."

although after saying this, he still obediently brought his clothes to the bathroom, but I can't forget his complaint.

when he came out from the shower, we sat on the bed and debated "what have I done for you and what have you done for me" and had a heated debate.

because we had just finished the quarrel, no one spoke when we went to dinner, and all that remained on the table was the sound of each other chewing noodles.

suddenly, walking in front of him, he slowed down, stared at the goods in the window for a moment, pointed to the thermos inside and said, "I got it."

after talking about this method, he took me by the hand and said, "Let's stop fighting about this, shall we?" "

on second thought, I felt a little guilty again.

it's like tug-of-war, each arguing about who exerts more strength and forgetting that two people actually stand on the same side and work hard in the same direction.

perhaps only when we focus on the object of "opposition" clearly can we learn how to get along with another person for a long time.

A Lin, from the same department as me, didn't have much money when he first came out to work, so he had to squeeze into a remote room with his girlfriend and transfer to work by subway twice a day.

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for example, they are far away from the company and have to go out an hour earlier every day. Seeing that Arin is going to be late, he can't help yelling at his girlfriends, "Grinding, hurry up."

the worst time was when his girlfriend slammed out of the door crying. He heard footsteps getting farther and farther away and felt that he was about to lose this person, but always sat where he was, smoking one cigarette after another.

in fact, he knows that he can solve the problem by buying his own car or moving to a place closer to the company, but he can't come up with the money.

whether we reach the threshold or not is determined by objective facts. it does not mean who is wrong, nor does it mean that there is something wrong with the relationship, but it is just not yet.

at this point, Arin threw the cigarette on the ground, watched the spark of the cigarette butts go out slowly, and sighed deeply:


because there are solutions to most of the problems, but the threshold of some solutions is low, as long as a thermos cup, but the threshold of some methods is very high, which is far from what we can reach at present.

in fact, in this case, as long as the other person gives himself a little more time to grow up, but very few people have this kind of patience.

A little more time, this bad time, the unease will always dissipate.

"I wish I had given a little more time."

author /Liu Bai

Song /Tell me if you wanna go home

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