I will no longer spy on those blocked moments.

I will no longer spy on those blocked moments.

in front of the girl I like, or the girl I used to like, I will click on the other person's profile picture from time to time to see how her life is recently.

is there any malice?

sometimes, I also find the message of "past self" in the other party's moments:

when she sent out a photo of a party with her classmates, I left a message asking, "Why didn't I share it?"


until, I don't know which one is our "completely dead" time node.

later, I blocked her.

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but after blocking, I still type her name in the search bar, and then click on my avatar to see her latest developments.

this is not a morbid behavior, but rather "Buddhist":

and it often happens in the middle of the night.


isn't it strange that you can "peek" into the circle of friends of someone you once liked even though you already have a new one?

I'm just looking for an answer, the one that's been bothering me for a long time.

but no matter how many times I clicked on her profile picture, I couldn't get a reliable answer.

at that time, we had to walk together to the booked KTV after dinner. Somehow everyone else dispersed, leaving only me and her.

I hesitated to ask her that question, but I was so embarrassed that I was distracted all the time.

I listed many "reasons" for her, all of which I randomly analyzed before.

"really? Is it that simple? " I asked.

I smiled bitterly, helped her open the door of KTV, and then went in to sing with everyone.

and the behavior of "peeping at the moments blocked by yourself" is just a pile of sand made up of "unwilling", "unconvinced" and even a little bit "unwilling".

but we put a lot of time, effort, and shame into this pile of sand.

I said these four words to myself that night.

A few days ago, Weibo had a popular saying: "Don't you just want to be sad when you fall in love?"

there are many references to figuring out whether the other person is worth caring about:

he is no longer the first person you chat with in the morning, and

these references are obvious and can be felt by a normal person.

does not hesitate to make excuses for each other and assume special circumstances.

it's just that if you want to get rid of each other's influence, you don't need to block or delete friends.

No more questions for yourself, no more answers. All you have to do is remember:

you walked in alone.

Yes, it's as simple as that.

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