I want you to grow up a little bit.

I want you to grow up a little bit.
Maturity is a matter of patience.

but what makes me feel better is the state of the team.

A copywriter of a marketing guru brings millions of goods; a celebrity carries tens of millions of goods an hour; and a coffee is valued at billions in the two years since its inception.

temptation is like ordinary people, looking at the keys of the rental house around the waist of the natives of Guangzhou. His face remained the same, but his heart was filled with envy.

but the reality is not that simple, directly speaking, it is cruel.

Looking for an adorable wedding dresses for older brides 2nd marriage for the hot date or the next party? Pick your best fashion and will stand the test of time.

including inexperienced ordering and wrong R & D strategy, we have encountered a lot of problems.

I sometimes dislike my current state and always want to get one thing done quickly.

many things in this world take a long time to accomplish.

after all, what we want is not "fast", but "success".

this "maturity" is when the team begins to really realize that it is not easy to do.

Cognitive difficulty, this is the first stage.

waiting does not mean not making any efforts, but constantly improving and accumulating. An old-fashioned saying: rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

at this point, the team really has a "mature look".

even if the last relationship fails, it doesn't mean anyone has done something wrong. Why not make peace with each other through a hug and live your own life.

this is also an important reason why we insist on designing in Chinese.