"I want to take a lot of pictures with you."

"I want to take a lot of pictures with you."
I want to remember every stage of you.

my friend asked me if I could not be so rigid when taking pictures.

I am the kind of person who is embarrassed in front of the camera.

so over the years, I haven't even had a group photo on my phone.

once was last winter.

We were talking about things after graduation, and she said she was going to Shenzhen. I said I was still in Guangzhou, and then suddenly I smiled and said I wouldn't see much of each other soon.

forgetting what point she was talking about, she suddenly stabbed me and said to me, "I suddenly remembered that I haven't even taken a picture with you yet." I smiled and played , saying that I would shoot again if I had a chance.

as a result, I found that I didn't leave a picture when I went my separate ways.

at that time, a small half of the class went back, and then everyone said with emotion that their hairstyle had changed, their girlfriends had changed, and so on.

I picked my eyebrow and asked him if he was stupid. He smiled and said nothing.

he intercepted the group photo.

I remember smiling when I saw it, because although the picture was just the two of us, the action and look were very stiff and big, and then I thought that he, a big man, was really hypocritical in doing such a thing.

the first thing that comes to mind is this stiff "group photo".

he took two pictures for us that day, and I didn't hide either time.

then a friend asked me why I'm not hiding this time.

Be in our stylishly fashionable baby blue prom dresses. Our versatile selections suit all figures well.

he laughed at me: "Don't you resist the camera?"

he: "isn't it too cold and arrogant?"

I used to think that life that I didn't like taking pictures was all right.

later, more and more people left me, and I began to find that when faced the departure of those important people, I had nothing but memories.

that's why I want to leave something behind.

sometimes when old friends chat happily about the past, I can't remember anything myself. I feel that both they and myself will be a little lost.

but unfortunately, I am not good at remembering things. I can only remember feelings.

and there are always some people who will make you want to remember every stage and every emotion about her. I think besides words, photos are also a good way.

but in spite of this, it will still be a little stiff in the face of the camera, so it is said that the old school of photography is accepted.

leave a little more and remember a little more.

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