I want to marry you.

I want to marry you.
I am 96, he is 00; I am inland, he is Hong Kong.

she said: "I dare not take mine home."

in short, it is not a type that is popular with elders. (it's just because he has a lot of tattoos.)

he, too, thought about it last year.

"side lines in English means' trust'. Friends should build trust and want me to trust him and be careful to keep my word."

"there is a believer's hand on the arm, the sentence on the inside is tattooed with the former, and the thigh is a Pegasus."

even if it is a tattoo for the previous degree, she can only appreciate it without jealousy or dissatisfaction.

after that previous tattoo, I asked Huiyi a question that the girl wanted to ask but didn't think she should ask.

"I don't want him to tattoo any more."

I was a little surprised that Huiyi didn't hesitate. As far as I remember, she is very playful and is the kind of person who will pursue to be cherished.

Huiyi explained to me that she didn't want to and dare not: "you know, my father is very conservative."

there are many similar things, not good enough family, not high enough education, not enough popular job, even if it is not the right age.

Huiyi's boyfriend

Huiyi complains that she doesn't earn much, and her colleagues always throw all her work on her. She feels very hard and often unhappy. She used to study in Guangzhou and worked for a while. Although there is more pressure here, she now wants to come back and find a job with room and board and save more money.

she told me that they still want a home of their own, not a public housing allocated by the government, but a house of their own. Although this is almost impossible extravagant hope.

once Huiyi went for a drink with a friend after work, and her boyfriend was angry because he was worried that she would come home too late and thought it was hard for her to work all day.

but in any case, they will solve it that night and point out what is wrong.

because you have to admit that couples often have an inexplicable temper after they love someone rather than argue and quarrel.

Huiyi's photo shows her boyfriend almost either cooking or washing dishes.

there is only one thing. Huiyi is afraid that her family will not accept it.

but when Huiyi said "2000 years", I still let out a cry of surprise. (Huiyi was in 1996)

because it was "too small", Huiyi only considered trying to be together for two months at the most until the third time. Now it has been 263 days and 8 months. (this is the number of days Huiyi returned to me in seconds)

but Huiyi said: "are all ordinary trivialities." she can't even remember what is particularly sweet, but this young boyfriend is more mature and considerate than her previous boyfriend.

Hong Kong can register for marriage at the age of 18. My boyfriend and Huiyi discussed whether to apply for a larger public housing or go back to the mainland to buy a house.

some people are talking secretly that Huiyi is greedy for other people to have a Hong Kong hukou to be with such a young boy. Some people say that the man is too young. I'm afraid he's just for fun.

you can say that they are only 263 days. How many people have been together for longer and have vowed that they are not separated yet? why can they be an exception?

I don't know how a 00-year-old boy can give her such a big sense of sense of security and trust.

but not because I want to get married.

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I don't think I'm ready enough, whether it's money, the opinions of my family, or the relationship between two people.

but in Huiyi and her boyfriend, I feel more or less "pure" about love.

but at least they have much more courage when it comes to liking it.