I want to have a sustainable relationship.

I want to have a sustainable relationship.
The scientific concept of development in love.

"two months at the most, you will definitely split up."

although it sounds a bit excessive, their speculation is not unreasonable, because I really don't talk about relationships very much, so I've screwed up a lot of relationships.

but people always learn from frustration.

even a clumsy person like me can slowly figure out a methodology of his own.

principle of commonality: the boundaries between you will become more and more blurred.

"so how much did you buy?"

he hesitated for a moment and slowly stuck a finger out of the quilt.

"1000?" I was a little angry when I heard this number.

he also knew that it was not good for him to spend so much money on games, so he buried half his face in bed.

I stroked the hair on my cheek, and when I was about to say something about him, something suddenly occurred to me, and the momentum suddenly turned to nothingness.

I hesitated and said, "then I'll tell you one thing, too."

"I actually did this hair, 1800."

my boyfriend, who was still hiding in bed, immediately turned over and became the master and began to ask me, "Hmm?" Who said it was only a few hundred yuan? "

in the end, the matter was solved perfectly when we found that we were pretty much at odds with each other.

after turning off the lights, leave the words "save money next month" and go to bed separately.

but in fact, after I closed my eyes, the corners of my mouth secretly rose for a long time, because I suddenly found that we had entered another stage of love before we knew it.

the reason why we are so guilty when we are spending our own money is that we all begin to think of our own things as things we share with each other.

not only money, but also housework, stress, troubles, and happy things, are gradually not distinguishing between you and me.

when two people are first together, their areas may be clearly divided, but when you get along with each other, you will regard his setbacks as your own difficulties and his luck as your own happiness.

the line between you will become more and more blurred.

only when the boundaries are blurred can we see each other more clearly in the days to come.

@ Xiaoqi

"can you really do it after that?"

so I thought of a way to get myself out of the "double label", which is a little strange, but it works:

because most of the grievances of girls come not from the thing itself, but from the identity of "boyfriend".

A lot of problems lie in identity.

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but in fact, we just had a fight, the real kind of fight.

I blamed him for not getting a ticket for the holiday, but he felt he had done his best, so the two had a cold war for several days.

and he really let it go when we were just "eating chicken", because we smiled and found that although we were unhappy, a lot of our own had something to do with each other.

then I understand that affection is like protecting the environment

playing games together, making a phone call to the other person, or even sending a simple moments for the other person, are all ways to make a relationship last longer.

and most of all, you didn't do anything.

after talking for a long time, these principles are our lower limit.

after talking for a long time, these principles are our lower limit.

is it good-looking?