I want to have a cat after graduation.

I want to have a cat after graduation.

including thorns, he is the eighth person in my circle of friends who "owns a cat as soon as he graduates".

"because graduation means absolute independence, I can finally take control of my life, and I can naturally do things I've thought about for a long time but haven't done."

this reminds me of when I was a child, when I said I wanted to have a cat, I only got the clich é of my parents:

"when you grow up, you will raise it yourself."

because owning a cat needs space for it to have fun, water-soluble cat litter, cat scratch board with cat mint, medical preparation for no more or less, and you have to be prepared for it to ignore you.

only then can we have a cat without asking for permission.

but I am not good enough, so I can only watch one friend after another graduate and raise a cat again these years.

one second it was spinning in my arms, the next it opened its teeth and claws and I jumped out, and then no matter how gently I called its name, it no longer spoke to me, so we spent most of the time watching it entertain itself.

I'm not unhappy. I just have a sudden feeling that cats don't need us very much.

this state does not sound good at first glance. With the name of the master, but without the dignity of the master, I feel a little suffocated, but unexpectedly it is unexpectedly comfortable to run.

is also because of its freewheeling character, sometimes it's okay to ignore it for a while, it doesn't mind, it doesn't care.

although this sounds a little heartless, it is easy to know that this kind of independence is not without benefits.

when I was a child, I only like cats because they are cute, but now I feel that the most attractive thing about cats is not their appearance, but their character, so they will not be liked deliberately, and in the same way, they cannot be successfully pleased.

No matter what people do, they always seem to have their own set of principles, that is, their own mood.

compared with the cat's indifferent attitude towards us, most of the time it seems to be us.

later she chatted in the previous dormitory group, and her roommates suggested that she say:

Our vintage formal dresses are exactly what you need. Here are best discounts and choices!

otherwise, keeping a pet would be lively and lively.

that night she found for the first time that it was not sound but vitality that drove away loneliness. The cat brought this vitality, not only because it could move, but also because it left its breath in the corners. Even if it just slept there motionless, it had a sense of companionship.

after knowing this, I am a little grateful to the cat, because it is not only a playmate, it is the outlet of friends' emotions, it accepts those unspeakable worries and gives unstingy companionship.

although he is arrogant, he still wants to be touched

in the morning, he will step on them with a soft cat pad, look at them while working, and lie in their arms while sleeping. He joins people's lives wholeheartedly, so that they no longer feel alone. Wherever they go, there is a kind of warmth that cats are waiting for at home.

because all they want is to find the feeling of life again, the feeling of stability, warmth, and a little bit of happiness.

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