I want to be your temporary crying point.

I want to be your temporary crying point.
What's the point of being happy if you can't be free?

Design /Lin Huachi Xie Ruikang

sensitive Sensitive

after 19 years We often receive messages from readers in the background

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We really thought about it for a long time

until a friend asked me:

so, taking the opportunity of the fifth anniversary

the aim is to convey an attitude to the whole society:

what can we do?

"temporary crying point"

(tomorrow, the publisher will not push another version of the temporary crying point)

at the same time, it is still the theme of the disorganized fifth anniversary

, but in fact, this is the result of the common choice of hundreds of thousands of readers

and is lucky to be trusted. I am also fortunate to have the ability to store readers' negativity

clutter from me to a 20-member team

the messy form has been changing

"there will be no light"

this time we will be at the 2019 China Internet Public Welfare Summit

venue: Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center

(at the same time, we are looking for more partners Set up more "temporary crying points")