I want to be in trouble with you.

I want to be in trouble with you.
You are the most precious.

it reminds me of many things about my father.

he hopes that one day he can be "needed" by his daughter again and get a chance for his daughter to "trouble" himself.

Please take a look at it before you start the article, which may also remind you of something.

he always insists on going his own way in the way he thinks is "good for you" and cannot be refuted.

I said that's what teachers teach at school.

I forgot how many times I wrote that word at last. I only remember that again and again, tears were in my eyes, and I couldn't see clearly until I heard my father say, well, all right, all right.

he used to go to school. Every time he went home, he would say on the phone, "Oh, come back and trouble me."

this wish basically came true after I was twenty years old.

he was still reluctant to believe this state at first.

I know that he just wants to see me, look at my house and see how bad my life will be without him.

he will read my article, but he still doesn't know what specific difficulties I have encountered.

I say every time, it's nothing, it's fine.

his pride is vanishing bit by bit, but he is becoming less and less independent.

he wants a video call from me every three days.

I don't know whether it's annoying or annoying.

but I always refuse intentionally from my father's help.

he seems to have finally noticed that I can live a good or bad life without him.

recently he has begun to take a cautious initiative.

I paused and calculated the balance in the card, but before I replied, he said, "are you out of money?" Oh, I'll pay for it! "

since he left home, my father has a lot of free time and says he wants to "build a better home" all day long.

I don't know where I brought some bricks back, circled the vegetable garden and said I wanted to be self-sufficient. I complained that the toilet at home was so stuffy in summer that it was installed the next day without an exhaust fan for more than a decade.

every time he finishes something, he boasts in front of us, and sometimes he calls me just to tell me what he has done and the pride that belongs to him.

at the end of that day, he proudly said: "I won't bother you. I'm not that kind of old man. "

I don't know when he started calling himself an "old man" and began to be afraid of being a problem like I was ten years ago.


I want my mother to be the referee, better than my father.

it's like running with him, he always keeps a distance of four or five meters in front of me. I try my best to chase him with clenched fists until I blush, but I still can't catch him.

they are always confident that they are better than you before they are confident that they are able to protect you and give you enough dependence and sense of security.

like the dad in the short video, he doesn't know how to pay online, he doesn't know how to hitchhike, and he doesn't know that umbrellas can be rented everywhere on rainy days.

maybe the role of father is unlikable in many people's childhood.

the meaning of the role of dad may be to grow up with us from the distant Superman to be able to easily get rid of his protection.

Young people always regard independence as their goal and do not want to bother their families any more, but their contact with their families becomes rusty.

the biggest significance of the holiday is to let us have the opportunity to express our feelings again.

VIPSHOP reveled in the midsummer of June 16, using good things to carry our feelings for our father. This time we bring a selection of good things, with independence to become father's pride, with occasional small dependence to eliminate the father's inner loneliness.

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