I wanna get out of here.

I wanna get out of here.
Because of that city, they are probably the most tired young people.

the former said: "data show that Beijing is the first city in the country to wake up." At five o'clock in the morning, people are already commuting. "

the beginning of the latter is: "two things have happened recently, which many people have not paid much attention to, but the results of these two events are likely to affect our lives in the next few years or even more than a decade."

there seems to be no relationship between the two articles, but both authors have taken workers in the same city as samples for observation:

later I learned that "Beijing Youth" means "the top young people in all walks of life in the country."

but I know that of course they didn't mean it. People just say "talent" and "talent".

but no matter what kind of "night photo", the matching text exudes a sense of tiredness that cannot be hidden.

until I asked a friend who works on a variety show production team, she told me: "in fact, the working hours in Beijing are relatively late, which is not as exaggerated as in the article."

instead, they chose "Beijing" as a copy of their anxious blood and disobedient bones.

had it not been for the incident of Didi and the "anti-killing Brother long" in August, "soaring rents in Beijing" would certainly have become the most discussed topic.

then the post was thrown into the lake like a stuffy bullet. It exploded without much noise, but the ripples affected everyone in the lake.

some landlords are directly rude;

some landlords can't bear it, but they still say, "I can't help it."

I forgot where I saw a chat transcript, and the first thing the landlord said to the tenant was "you also know the recent rent in Beijing."

in the face of this "not unreasonable" request, the tenant quickly deleted the original words of prayer, and then immediately replied "good" for fear that the landlord would withdraw the news.

Our collection of white and gold wedding dress is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Fantastic collections are on hot sale right now!

and then how many people have no choice but to ask their families for money again.

but in the middle of the night after paying the rent, when they think of the night when they decided to go to Beijing not long ago, will they remember,


he told me: "I don't want to admit it, but the probability of being good is a little higher than that on our side." And for some reason, writers in Beijing are more 'professional' and don't need to teach. They all know that emotions are used for writing, not for work. "

he laughed and said, "but the salary and rent over there are very expensive."

he looked at the upper left and then told me, "Let's talk about rent alone. Beijing will at least double the same geographical location and conditions."

but by chance, clutter also recruited one and the only Beijing author, Lu Yifei.

because she is not a very magical person, she never asks for money when she writes manuscripts, and sometimes she even orders sushi takeout for us who work in Guangzhou.

my colleagues scolded me in the group, saying that I, as the boss, would not take the initiative to invite us to dinner and asked a college student to give us some takeout.

I don't ask "is it true"?

I thought a lot of words to encourage her, but when I typed it, there were only three words left: "Thank you for your hard work."