I tried to get into the university, but it was someone else who failed the exam.

I tried to get into the university, but it was someone else who failed the exam.
But that means we don't have a chance to break through.

over the past three months, I have often looked back on that article and thought about what I should say to help readers who are at a disadvantage like me.


I have experienced uneven distribution of educational resources.

but it comes from the fact that I am a local, so the admission score is dozens of points lower than that of other provinces. This policy is essentially very unfair. How can I get the same educational resources as other students when I am not as good as other students?

I went to the middle school in our town. There were 52 students in the whole class. In the end, less than 10 people were admitted to the ordinary high school. Not long ago, we had a junior high school reunion, and it was only at one point that we found that only 6 of those 10 people had been admitted to the general undergraduate course. What 985211, completely cut off from the 52 of us.

but when I looked at the original group of 52 people, I found that it was not a question of "hard work or not" at all, but that most of my classmates, when they were assigned to junior high school in our town, their probability of going to an ordinary high school has been reduced.

and my college roommate told me:

this fact is a great blow to me as a freshman.

they know what "better" looks like, so they have more "worry and confusion" that we don't have.

up to now, it has been a year and a half since I graduated, the company's revenue has more than tripled compared with the first year, and we are not so worried about the coming 2019.

I thought of the freezing point "screen" at that time.

"make good use of the screen on your hand."

in fact, I also have my "screen", but the live teaching in the article is different, it has many names and forms.

Our collection has the champagne flower girl dresses to exceed your expectation. There are perfect pieces for formal and informal events.

when I was in high school (11-12), the name of this "screen" was Douban.