I thought you hated me.

I thought you hated me.
Whoever goes, stays.

you don't have to bother to remember this number after knowing it for a long time, because you can ignore the month and simply calculate it in years, and it's not complicated to calculate, as long as you add up the whole block of time.

this means that we have graduated together twice in the past eight years, but we are still not separated. But the interesting thing is, in retrospect, we don't have much contact with each other before we graduate.

until I meet enough people, I think this standard ends with drinking the same bottle of water, sleeping in the same bed and liking the same male star.

it is she who refreshes my ideas. From her, she can stand up for her good friends.

he would throw my breakfast openly into the dustbin, rub his hands on the rag hanging behind the door, and impatiently shut him up when others mentioned me in front of him intentionally or not, otherwise don't be friends.

I was so frustrated and aggrieved that I didn't know what to do. My first reaction was to find that friend and want to be comforted. Unexpectedly, she cursed a lot of dirty words and finally said a wait.

she said she had found a good person and blocked him at the school gate after class tomorrow.

that was the first time I knew that the comfort between friends can be more than just words, but also the first time I know that there is a kind of friend called a friend who can fight for you.

and I am a soft persimmon type, do not like conflicts, no matter who is wrong, I always choose to apologize, once not twice, twice not three times.

when I was in junior high school, she asked me if I thought we were different from other friends.

at that time, there was another pair of girlfriends in the class, and they had the same relationship as us, but every now and then they could be seen insinuating each other in the circle of friends, saying that I hate girls who wear makeup as much as ghosts. I won't play with people who are half an hour late.

but we are different. We don't quarrel, so the problem can't be solved. When we have problems, we can eat face to face without saying a word. Later, starting from one day, she sleeps on the table after the last class in the morning, implying that she is not going to eat.

at first, she was wearing the same clothes I had seen before, but then everything from hairstyle to shoes became unfamiliar to me. I wanted to open the chat box to say something, but I was afraid that she didn't want to talk to me, so I could only watch the time of the last chat changed from a month ago to two months ago.

graduation is a good opportunity, or rather, a good excuse.

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and those who have been deleted will only shake their minds for a while before they can regain their spirits.

but in that sultry and restless summer vacation, I received a message from that friend.

I didn't think she would come to me. I pressed the video on the computer to pause, solemnly pointed the whole face at the phone, and sent the score.

her tone was cheerful. "We're in the same school!"

so I didn't answer her. I just said carefully, "I thought you hated me."


I know what she said is true, but it was a bit of a surprise that she even looked back when everyone was looking forward, but she was more grateful that the results could bring us together again.

it was only then that I realized that it never seemed to be taken for granted who left and who stayed.

after high school, we haven't had any more conflicts, maybe even because of the pressure of going to school, there are more irreconcilable differences between us.

but on the afternoon of the last exam, she came to me first. She didn't ask me how I did or what I wanted to do. She just asked me to go to the barber shop to find her. She was dyeing her hair.

there may be some friends who will be there all the time.

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