I still have the key chain you don't want.

I still have the key chain you don't want.
That year, I liked to peek at the boy sitting 45 degrees behind me.

I think a girl in our class seems to like me. "

I once thought that no girl would like this wooden-looking steel straight man. I was just about to blurt out, "you're so stupid, how can a girl like you?" After thinking about it, I feel that this is too hurtful, so euphemistically imply: "if a girl asks you a question, she may really just want to ask a question. Don't think too much about it."

"really not." He explained anxiously: "I am a very sensitive person. I can feel someone looking at me." Every time I look up, she happens to hide her eyes. "

seeing that I didn't speak, he comforted himself a little sadly: "maybe I'm really thinking too much."

I hesitated and told him:

"I liked a boy in high school and he was sitting at the 45 °angle behind me." If I look back at him, my eyes need to cross the three-meter aisle. In this way, "peeking at him" has become a very blatant thing. "

"but I still seize every opportunity and look in that direction intentionally or unintentionally."

"because I really like him very much."


at that time, there was a very popular Hong Kong drama in which there was a classic scene in which the hero gave the heroine a piece of Strawberry Cake without strawberries.

he mentioned this in Qzone's dynamic. I went out half an hour earlier than usual the next day, went to three or four bakeries, and finally found Strawberry Cake without strawberries.

actually I don't like strawberries, and the pink thing that looks like sandwiches makes me lose my appetite.

but I forcibly turned it into breakfast every day, hoping that I could have something in common with him.

when I finally ate the 18th Strawberry Cake without strawberries, he noticed me:

"so you like this, too."

later, Strawberry Cake without strawberries was replaced by various other things: lollipops at the school snack bar, adjacent parking spaces by the fence, notebooks with the same cover.

I carefully collected all the movie tickets I had seen with him and locked them in the drawer, together with the signature pen he had accidentally left on my desk and the bottle cap with a smiley face.

after all this, I suddenly remembered that it was disgusting to laugh at my best friend when I learned that she had left a finished jelly shell.

instead, she plausibly said, "these jellies are all from my boyfriend, and they are all washed clean after eating."

at that moment I realized that when I like someone, I will keep everything about him consciously or unconsciously.

he casually said that he liked a certain singer, so I bought that singer's CD and listened to it again and again.

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one day my best friend told me that she decided never to collect jelly shells again.

I was worried about whether there was something wrong with her relationship with her boyfriend. She shook her head and denied my guess: "I just think this kind of behavior is really childish."

as we get older, we are also trying to make the "like" thing more advanced.

so even if the guy I like very much shows up at the party, I will warn myself, "Don't peek."

I am secretly worried about what to do if someone finds out that I am peeking at him in case I meet his eyes.

he can only take selfies with all kinds of friends when he doesn't notice. But in fact, in every photo, there is a clear or blurred figure not far away.

I am complacent about my cleverness, so that no one will notice that I am peeking at him, let alone let others know that I like him.

while flipping through my cell phone photo album, my best friend laughed at me: "you said, what's the difference between this and secretly looking back at the person you like?"

I suddenly found that I can't take a peek at the person I like, whether with my eyes or my cell phone.

used to leave items related to each other quietly, but now, although it is "saving face", it is inevitable to secretly save each other's photos and messages.

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