I still can't solve the problem of being 25 years old.

I still can't solve the problem of being 25 years old.
25 years old, write a story about 25 years old.

Last Friday, I went for a physical examination and spent more than a thousand plus a whole morning, drawing blood and lying down. When I told my friends, everyone asked, "is it reliable where you went?" Recommend it to me if you can. "

if you were 23 years old, people around you would not be so active about physical examination.

after coming out to work for two years, everyone has a feeling that their physical fitness is declining rapidly.

it is normal to go to bed at one or two o'clock at night, coupled with two greasy takeout meals a day and almost zero amount of exercise a week, it is inevitable to have doubts about your health.

I remember that when I was drawing blood, I prayed silently: "there can be small problems, but big problems had better not happen."

this kind of inner monologue actually acquiesces that one's body is in an unhealthy state.

during the National Day holiday, I went to the beach in Huizhou with a group of friends to surf. Before surfing, we specially drove to the local seafood market to buy seafood, wrasse shrimp, paste crab, lobster, nine-section shrimp. I think none of the delicious seafood is left behind, all according to the food intake of seven men.

as a result, after surfing and taking a shower, several friends sat around the barbecue grill but loved the fun and bad things like toast and marshmallows.

ask why.

one of my friends pointed to the seafood on the stage and said, "these are uric acid packages."

everyone roared with laughter.

We have six boys and one girl, with an average age of only 24, three of whom have high uric acid, and one of them has nothing to do with the word "fat".

maybe some students don't understand the concept of high uric acid. I don't really know, but I know that gout is caused by excessive uric acid. There are three common causes of high uric acid, one is obesity, one is eating too much seafood, and the other is drinking too much alcohol.

but among the three of them, none of them has high uric acid because of eating too much seafood.

is caused by drinking too much.

talking about the days of college, a friend said, "it's not for anything, it's just drinking." Every time you don't drink until you throw up, it seems to be a kind of ritual and a kind of catharsis. "

everyone knows that he didn't finish, so they all waited.

"after graduation, I went for a medical examination and found that I had a high uric acid. No matter how bored and resentful I was, I still couldn't be too capricious."

after saying this, everyone nodded frequently.

"still can't be too capricious." This sentence is like advice given by people in the past, and it is also like a summary that you have said to yourself.

because often when you say this sentence, you have already done something you shouldn't have done, such as staying up all night to play games, such as waiting until the work dead line to start work, or, for example, suddenly find that the roommate /classmate who gets along with him day and night has left himself far away.

to be honest, I can often hear people say this to me.

the reason is that I just mentioned the last "far away", except that in those contexts, I was the one who "left" others.

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but if, as in the second part, you feel "no chance to fight" because of age and heavy responsibility, it is not so much because "the past was too capricious", it would be better to interpret it as "I have given up".

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