I should have thrown you away a long time ago.

I should have thrown you away a long time ago.
At least throw it away when you feel tired.

I have tried to put these things together neatly, but I still can't counteract the fact that they are superfluous, which makes me upset when I catch a glimpse of them.

what we collect tonight is what everyone sees as "necessary, but unnecessary", not only real objects, but also behaviors and emotions.

stay away from junk food

in the past month, I spent almost all my money on my daily diet, eating healthy and delicious food, which greatly increased my happiness.

after forming the running habit, I began to eat healthy food, suddenly found that Coke is not that good, milk tea is not so important, plain boiled water is also very good, hot water is also very sweet.

reject most rituals

prepare a clean and beautiful book for each course, carefully excerpt every chapter, and have a real sense of achievement when you finish it. But in fact, it takes too much time to do it, and the notes are for yourself, as long as you can understand them.

I bought a yogurt machine, and when I first received it, I felt that it would improve my quality of life. But later, when I found that what I made was not as good as what I did in the supermarket and had to count the time to make it, I decisively bought yogurt in the supermarket.

do the ledger before, and think that you should buy a lot of tape seals and print materials like those ledger bosses. The decoration is good, but it is good to have basic tape from life to find patterns and paste them. Almost ignored the true nature of the hand account, without exquisite tape and materials, can also record their own life.

change hands more than use electronic products

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it is very happy to beautify the picture

to beautify the picture, but it is a burden for me to excessively and pursue other people's likes, so now I prefer natural (and beautiful) pictures.


when I first went to college, I always thought that college should have a wonderful life. I also tried to participate in some clubs, organizations, activities, and deal with different people and things. Because the old school didn't have these, it was new and interesting to do everything. But slowly found that, in fact, I am not suitable for this kind of life, usually it is better to be myself.

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avoid routine social activities

sometimes I feel comfortable without having friends.

well, there was a moment when I thought there was no need to rush out of a single life with a high quality of life.

when I first faced my roommates, I was so enthusiastic that I wanted to participate in their lives, but how could a person's bad character restrain with your tolerance? the conflicts in the dormitory intensified with the passage of time. At that moment, I realized that roommates are not necessarily friends, and it is perfect for everyone to abide by the schedule of the dormitory and care about others as much as possible.

stop meaningless busyness as soon as possible

for example, step by step into the presidium of the school community, I don't know what I got, but today I suddenly feel that I don't know why I am so busy.

as a repeat student, I am more and more aware of my interests and hobbies. I work hard every day, and then the only thing I am sure is that I will not repeat them next year.

I always thought that self-discipline was a good thing, but I would chagrin myself for what I missed all day. Until one day a class suddenly looked up, heard the teacher said: "in fact, we do not need to push ourselves too hard, but to give ourselves a choice." I just want to say that I can do it, not that I have to do it. "

such as a person who is impossible but can't let go.

if the answer is yes, keep it; if you think it may become a burden, give it up.

as long as you ask such a question in advance, you won't face so much psychological pressure when you break up.

but even if you don't resist, at least throw it away when you feel tired.

author /Lu Yifei

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