I should have gone a little too far with you.

I should have gone a little too far with you.
Our relationship has eased a lot since I stopped pleasing him.

it's not a question of "preferring boys over daughters". He can be kind to all the girls who have nothing to do with him, like a real old man.

I also wondered why I was his only granddaughter. I am the only granddaughter he grew up with. His son is long dead. He only has me.

however, he is only indifferent to me.

he shared the candy with other girls and told me that he was gone; he hid his lucky money for the New year and told me that he was gone; he put away his smile, faced me, and told me with an almost blank expression that his smile was gone, too.

I tried to please him. I bought him his favorite chestnut cake.

he likes chestnut cake after I have tried the food countless times.

every time I go back to Grandpa's town, I visit all the streets in the main city of Chongqing in order to find a Chinese cake that he likes.

it's just that I can't return the cake, the white jade cake or the egg clip.


it's strange that our relationship has eased a lot since I stopped pleasing him.

at least, when I get home from school, my favorite fruit will be placed on the coffee table at home.

I almost believe that Grandpa is trying to make himself more likeable.

until I came across a 60-year-old woman with bacon sausages swearing at the door.

that woman is the second spring for her grandfather after Grandma died.

they have been together for three years, she always sends her own cabbage and radish from time to time, and brings bacon sausage when she asks for something from her grandfather.

the woman scolded her grandfather for being heartless, and her three-year companionship failed to get a few more cents from her grandfather.

Grandpa just closed the door and then lay on the bed and began his afternoon nap.

Grandpa is afraid of death. he is more than 70 years old, but there are few people in our town who live to 80 years old. He heard one of them say that he should keep a regular schedule.

so Grandpa gets up early and takes a nap regularly every day. If you don't want to be scolded by him, you'd better not disturb him at that time.

even if the lover is gone, it is more important to sleep.

he is the same as he used to be. He hasn't changed a bit.

until one day, his lumbar vertebrae suddenly hurt so much that he couldn't eat or sleep.

he felt that it was a sign that death was waving to him.

he began to lose his temper inexplicably, sometimes dropping things on two daughters who had come to see him and telling them to get out of here.

they all left and asked me to take good care of the grumpy old man.

I don't talk most of the time. I cook, ask him to eat, pick up his clothes, wash them and put them on the sofa, carry them into the room by himself, and then play games on his own.

later, I was driven away, too.

because of the greed for games, I made the rice into raw rice. He put down the bowl after one bite and asked me if I wanted him to die early.

he threw out all my luggage, saying that I stayed only after his house and money.

at that time, I had had enough.

I kicked open the shabby door, went into the room and rummaged through all the cabinets and found his passbook and property certificate hidden in the depths of the wardrobe.

I took the property certificate and told him that the house my father left me was bigger than his. I took my cell phone to him and showed him that his savings were more than the thousands in his passbook.

lose his temper over all his bad guesses about me.

I slammed the door and crouched on the side of the road crying, thinking that my care for him was not worth it.

that day he came out to find me on crutches and asked me to go back.

since then, he has been much nicer to me.

after he was sure that I really treated him as a relative, he began to soften in front of me.

I sometimes think of when I was a child, when my parents went out to work, it was really just me and him.

I will cry at him, ask for a doll or a toy car, and he will give it to me.

at that time, he would only give me candy, would prepare lucky money for me in advance, and would let me ride on his shoulder to make me laugh.

it changed after Mom and Dad came back.

my parents said that we should respect the elderly and not always talk back to my grandfather, so I began to pretend to obey all his words in front of my grandfather, and then obeyed.

later, it was my father who died and my mother said she wanted to be nicer to my grandfather so that he would still leave the house to me.

when I bought him chestnut cake, his daughters were also trying to please him.

at that time, all the people seemed to stay with him for money.

he thinks, including me.

until I began to get fed up with this grievance, I began to get mad at him like I did when I was a child, lost my temper, began to pierce the suspicion, and began to make him understand that I was kind to him only because he was a "grandfather".

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