I said something three times before you heard it.

I said something three times before you heard it.
Do we have a future?

those moments may be as long as they were nearly a decade ago, or they may only be yesterday, but they have one thing in common: is hard to forget.

if you want to see this article, if you really want to deal with a relationship, don't try to put such a moment on the other person.

but you didn't listen carefully.

go out with friends and ask her what to eat three times. She just smirks at her cell phone.

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obviously reminded me before I left and sent a text message, but I still forgot it.

sometimes you will be weak,

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if you can't learn English well, don't change your name

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if you can't learn English well, don't change your name

sometimes you need to care.

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but my friend just asked what happened and said nothing more.

once you have done something,

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traveling with friends, the deepest impression is that on the high-speed railway, we two AB seats, An is near the window, B is next to strangers.

I couldn't stand the tone and tone at that time, and I still remember this little thing.

when I arrived at school on the first day of school, it rained heavily. Because I didn't bring an umbrella, I asked one of my best roommates to take an umbrella out for me and pick me up. Later, she went to dinner and put the umbrella in the security room and let me walk by and get it.

after a quarrel, my boyfriend told me with relief, "I'm sorry, I really don't like you as much as I used to." although I made up soon, I felt uneasy every time I thought about it.

some changes come soon,

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but the next second, we quarreled over something I didn't mean to do, and we haven't said a word for a few days now.

he is the one who said he would always be by my side, and the one who hurt me with the worst words.

I just experienced a moment when I suddenly lost sense of security in a relationship.

at this moment, both of them have a deep sense of powerlessness, helplessness and lack of sense of security.


@ d,

@ Why to peel grapes when eating grapes

this is like two different choices in one plot of the game, corresponding to different follow-up.

is it really difficult to make the right choice?

but don't forget, whether there is a next time, how much can be invested next time, it all depends on this time.

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