I regret not piercing my parents' condoms.

I regret not piercing my parents' condoms.
There are many things that cannot be changed.

as a result, I went up and picked it up. I only remember that the word "condom" was written on it. I was young and I didn't know what it was.

looking back on it for many years, I realized that it might have been the culprit that affected my whole life.

in Shantou, the proportion of only children in the post-90s generation is not high. Even though the family planning policy has been implemented, most of my peers still have at least one or two siblings.

growing up, whenever I was told that I was an only child, I would welcome these words--

my elders would say, "you are the only one in your parents' eyes. How happy you are to give all your love to you. You should be filial to them when you grow up."

but along the way, I know better than anyone what an only child under the label is.

it's probably hard to imagine the chemical reaction between an only child and a stay-at-home mother.

I remember that one afternoon, my school partner ran downstairs to my house, shouted my name to the balcony and asked me to go out to play. At that time, I had just opened the case and was rubbing rosin on the bow.

at that age, "classmate" and "friend" were often confused, but it was clear to me: I have only classmates and no friends.

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even in those free time, it is lonely.

play chess, play cards, read and talk to yourself.

when my peers complain that my younger brothers and sisters are bored, I only have envy, envy and envy.

I have become fond of making friends. I don't want to go home. I volunteer after the college entrance examination, and I automatically ignore the school that is too close to home.

at this age, my parents can't beat me and can only say: "you go, we'll take good care of ourselves."

I don't know whether this is a kind of free and easy or another kind of helplessness.

I called my mom a while ago, and she told me about the day when my father suddenly had a heart problem and was almost taken to the hospital in the middle of the night, which scared me into a cold sweat.

after all, at this moment, I am isolated and helpless, and my anti-risk ability is close to zero.

when every young man grows to a certain age, he hangs a sword of Damocles over his head, worrying about changes at home at any time.

whenever I think of this kind of problem, the pressure and responsibility make my shoulder ache, and it is hard to avoid another thought:

and this matter is often more heavy for girls.

she knows her mother's subtext: her daughter is going to marry off. At this age, she will probably never go home when she falls in love with a non-local boy.

one day I asked her, "is it intentional not to be with Chaoshan boys?"

at the beginning of this year, Xiaoxiao died. She temporarily asked for leave from the company and took a six-hour ride home, but when she saw her last face, she was already in the mausoleum, lying in a crystal coffin.

this is a big blow to Xiaoxiao.

I always think that she may already have a shadow over "being far away" and doesn't want the same tragedy to happen to her parents in the future.

in the past, it was said that "the dilemma of loyalty and filial piety" may become "the dilemma of love and filial piety" when it comes to our only child.

when young, it is a positive triangle, with children sitting at the top and parents supporting at the bottom.

although triangles are the most stable shapes in geometry, as long as one point is scattered, the whole structure will collapse instantly.

but it turns out later that we are all like kites. No matter how high or how far we fly, whether you want to or not, we still have to be held by a rope, tied up with our parents and ready to land at any time.

in fact, parents also know the difficulties.

this is the reason why they both insist on going out for morning exercises every day.

there are many things that cannot be changed.

dare not snub, race against time to make sure that on the day it really falls, we still have the power to fight back and protect our important people.

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life