I really want you to hear my annual playlist.

I really want you to hear my annual playlist.
I know that your NetEyun music playlist is beginning to misplace.

just like some people have given up the struggle for life, when it comes, we take over and say at most, "what can we do?"

but the number one listener on the list is "the one I love", and I suddenly realize that my mood of the year is "pain".

just like two people who grow up together, the skin is a smooth and perfect whole, but it is torn apart and ripped apart rigidly.

but say at most: "what can I do?"


"many people say that I don't understand boys and that disobedience is the worst name."

because I dare not. I'm afraid, if you know, you'll have the right to hurt me.

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the last part of the song is actually "fruit":

now do you understand? I am afraid to be known by you, so the more I like it, the more you will think I am a disobedient "wild child".

so I said to the thorns at that time, "this song is liked by many girls who like Yang Qianli, but the people who really want to understand this song are boys."

I really want you to hear my annual playlist, because I really want you to understand me, and I really regret not letting you understand me directly.


Zhang Jingzhi said that this is one of the Eason Chan songs that he most wants girls to understand.

Boys insist on singing, while girls want to hit people. It is also the misunderstanding of male and female students brought about by a song.

Girls think the world is easy, while boys think girls are too simple.

Girls want boys to listen to the annual playlist of "she is so happy, so happy is so cruel", desperately expressing regrets that they can't catch up with;

this age group, they really have a lot of regrets, dislocation, reality that they can't start all over again, and can't escape.

when I first felt a strong regret, I really wanted you to listen to my annual playlist and let you understand my regret or pressure.


you see, every time I ask this question, I don't use a question mark. Because in Chinese, sentences that do not need to be answered do not need to use question marks.

because 2018 has passed, it is finally, I am really happy.

it was as if love and hate had never come to their hearts, as if 2018 had really been turned over by the calendar.

Song /Yang Qianyu-Wild Child

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