I really want to take a leave of absence from life.

I really want to take a leave of absence from life.
It's just a little breath, it's not too much.

"flammable and explosive" is the best description of my current state.

this kind of mood, after takeout at noon today, found that the merchant forgot to give chopsticks, and it completely broke down.

this pressure makes me like an overpulled spring, beyond the bearable range, and there is an urgent need to restore it to its original state by some means.

different people have different forms of "counterattack". And there are a lot of people, perhaps like me, eager to temporarily circle their own solitude zone and take a good breath.


there is always a blurred line between what to talk about after greeting.

when I left on time, when I got off the subway entrance, I always ran into my colleague A Xin.

but we soon found that the topic between us could only end with "where do you rent a house and how much is the rent?"

after several times, we can all see that we are trying to find a topic with each other.

but I would like to say that if we are not born to be good at communication, then this kind of formal socialization will make us more discouraged when we are tired at work.

put down your hair and let the bad mood hide.

that bad foreboding happened when I sent the plan to the team leader, but I didn't get a reply for a long time.

his words are not mean and sharp, but his tone is full of disappointment with me and gives an ultimatum during the transition period.

push open the glass door of the conference room, and as I pass other people's desks, I can feel some ambiguous gaze, like a spotlight, hitting me tightly.

this focus is embarrassing. I went to the bathroom to cushion my mood.

when the hair is put down, when the head is lowered, the long hair hangs down from both cheeks and pulls the eye back to the smallest circle. On the contrary, it is good to shrink the field of vision and focus on what you are doing.

put on headphones and feel a vacuum for a moment.

I have the habit of observing people, especially on the subway.

he crowded into the subway car with the flow of people on the subway. Standing next to me, the phone rang before the handrail was grasped.

on the phone, he seems to be blaming him for not getting home so late.

"11:00 is not very late. It's safe."

he appeased a few more times, and finally said "I'll let you know when I get home" before hanging up the phone.

in front of the lock screen, I didn't see him click on any music software.

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when you grow up, don't make a noise and become a rare respite in a stressful and complicated life.

work deadline is approaching, but the plan remains to be improved; several bombarded text messages from boyfriends on the phone have not been read and answered.

at this time, any more noise in the ear will be extremely irritable.

after wearing it, I feel safely wrapped in a cloud, drifting away from the troubles of life and leaning into my own world.


but I found that all the people who like me are friends who are as indifferent as water. Their likes are based on their own similar feelings.

but for those who really care about you, it's a sign of being close to you.

author /Ye Jingfei

Music /LastMile Home

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