"I really want to delete you" is actually true.

"I really want to delete you" is actually true.
If I send it to you, it means I care about you.

or too far apart, two people are not even friends, at best can be regarded as "acquaintance". If there is any difficulty, you will not look for him; if he encounters any entanglement, he will not ask you.

is called "extra" because this kind of "trouble" is often the kind of "embarrassed trouble".

the other person is a good friend I admit from the bottom of my heart, but for some reason, he often makes me feel uncomfortable recently.

I thought my literary and weird ideas could be understood on his side, but what I often got was his strange sarcasm.

my girlfriend replied, "maybe it's too familiar."

my girlfriend sighed: "that's why so many friends fall out."


because in fact, his friend didn't do anything wrong, he just mentioned some ideas "out of place" and made some boring jokes "out of place".

what kind of person am I?

the strange thing is that I often have the idiotic idea of sitting in the park alone, spending three hours watching a telecom scam at a bus stop, and going to its Internet cafe to play games every time I go to a city.

ordinary friends certainly don't know these two characteristics of me, but as long as I've known them long enough, I must know how important "strange" and "boring" are to me.

but that friend has forgotten all about me, or on the other hand, he doesn't know me at all?

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because I am the kind of person who says the same thing.

so I am actually very contradictory.

I have to say, it's really hard to be an adult, either "too cool to have friends" or "too soft to be yourself". And no matter how you choose, it doesn't seem to be the best solution.

I asked her, "what if he doesn't understand?"

this is the first time I feel that "forget it" can also be used in friendship.

I think you will also encounter this situation in your life, that is,

this kind of "unconscious" is annoying because you can neither stand up against it nor dissolve yourself.

so I spent some time thinking of a solution that I thought was "not bad".

you go and say to him, "Sorry, I still want to be alone. Although you may think I'm perfunctory, it's really not. It's that being alone is very important to me."

so he will wonder if he has crossed the line.

if he continues to cross the line, you can just break up, because he is already "consciously" invading your life.

so in this case, "apology" is just a tool I can think of.

it's just that I'm worried that if you don't have the right tool or method in solving the problem, you may be misinterpreted as "stingy" or "selfish" when you haven't done anything wrong.

so I often fantasize about it. If only I could make friends as simple as I thought.

but it is still too difficult, because even if two people have been friendly, it is impossible to fully predict when this "friendliness" will break the line and become a problem.

author /Zhang Jingshi

say two more sentences:

some readers say: "you can't even be with me every day."

I'm really sorry, really.