I really want to be encouraged by my father.

I really want to be encouraged by my father.
There is no shortage of people who like to say "sour words" around us.

I burst into tears in an instant, and despite my friend's repeated apologies, I still can't forget the moment when I was knocked down at once.

later, I did a solicitation and talked to people about the moment of being defeated, only to find that many people, like me, were not defeated by the "thing itself", but were often crushed to collapse by other people's "sour words".

A college classmate I haven't seen for a long time, let's not see each other again

@ Song Xian Na

when I wandered outside the classroom door, I found that the child's first painting was posted in the center of the display board. When I took out my cell phone to shoot, my classmate suddenly said, "remember that your college design score is quite low. It is your husband who has helped a lot." She smiled and walked on, but I stayed for a while.

maybe I was too serious, and finally I blocked her who made me uncomfortable.

I don't know if every fat man, like me, has been laughed at since childhood.

at first, like most fat people, I laughed at myself no matter how others made jokes in exchange for their laughter.

later, I fell in love.

when I eat, he will say, "you are so fat, eat less", followed by "what you are eating now is my food, and it is none of my business. I feel weak oxygen when you breathe."

but he apologized when he cried, and after crying, as usual, he said, "only I will want you if you are so fat. You must be nice to me."

after I learned to ignore those whispers, I dared to take the first place in my class

I look good, and many boys say that I am a "department flower" of our department.

for example, the whispering trio in our class. To tell you the truth, I don't know why these people are so childish. No matter where I sat in class, they would follow me and sit in the back row of me.

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but my answer is obviously correct, wearing only an ordinary T-shirt and shorts, which is worn by at least half of the girls in the class.

that summer, my grades fell to the end. When I saw the ranking, I realized that I hadn't raised my hand for a long time in order not to be laughed at by them. I didn't go to the library for a long time. I was afraid of bumping into them, and they called me a prude.

however, I took the first place in the grade this year, and they will talk behind my back anyway. You might as well strive to be good and leave them behind.

@ Chushi

when she took it home, her relatives kept praising her, saying, "the little girl is sensible and good-looking." frankly speaking, I am very happy.

anyway, I was lucky to find her, because their children didn't find such a good partner.


when he won the prize in the competition, he said "it was a fluke".

I know he doesn't want to make me too proud, but I have never been praised by him since I was a child. Sometimes, I am quite discouraged.

most of the boys of our generation are like this, experiencing youth with only negative reinforcement.


since childhood, we never seem to be short of people who like to say " sour words ". They always say something that makes your heart tremble at some inadvertent moment.

most people think that as long as we brush our teeth sooner or later, our mouth can grow healthily. But in fact, in addition to our teeth, our mouth also includes the tongue, saliva and hundreds of bacteria composed of microenvironment .

when the oral cavity is acidified, in addition to brushing teeth or gargling, no sugar chewing gum is also a good helper to reverse oral microenvironment acidification.

chewing sugar-free gum can stimulate saliva secretion and form a strong "interdental tide", which can wash out food residues and effectively neutralize oral acidity.

in such a small sense of ritual, you can feel the change brought about by being good to yourself and being responsible for yourself.

they are not only full of knowledge about oral health, but also laugh at skr people with gossip and memes.

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