I personally drove away all my friends.

I personally drove away all my friends.
It may sound selfish and unreasonable.

after it was sent out at that time, because I was in a bad mood, I deleted it while not many people saw it. But now looking back, I thought it was very interesting at that time, so I decided to send it again today.

because I finally realize that even if it's a little negative in the eyes of others, this is who I am.

yesterday I received seven Happy Birthday sentences, one from my mother, one from my boss, and five sentences belonging to various app and organizations.

in fact, we hadn't communicated for a while before that.

(birthday song sung to me by QQ Mail)

when I was in high school, a boy I liked late asked me to watch Fast and Furious 6.

on the way to the cinema by taxi, my heart was pounding along with the bumpy road, anticipating a conversation for a while.

between my hesitation, the car stopped and I saw the boy waiting for me by the side of the road.

but my faint guilt will not stop, and the big noise and exciting high-speed scenes in the movie make it one of the best parts.

she's been typing for a long time, and I can imagine her feeling excited, but in the end, the screen shows a calm "no".

I kept apologizing to her. She didn't say anything anymore, but we inevitably drifted apart.


confirm that no, that is, after confirming that I no longer have to see my classmates, I did a big cleaning for the Wechat list.

for me, although they have been intimate for a while, they still don't meet the criteria I left on my friend list: talk about everything, no taboos.

the subtext in my mind is, if you don't delete it now, you'll have to wait for when.

I ignored it and told her that it was almost deleted.

I always have a negative attitude towards the persistence of my friends.

although it is also "temporary", the boy I like can give me more happiness.

after I went to college, I quickly became acquainted with a group of people, but my friend's insulation still didn't stop.

countless ideas for revision appeared in my mind, and I put my hand on the railing to think about which one is better.

the moment I turned to look, my Wechat rang at the same time. She said she had left first, and then I saw her walk past me.

"you're really busy."


but now, these emotions appear less and less, and even if they occur the next day, they can improve quickly.

because even if I don't have friends, I don't feel like I have nothing to do and no one to talk to me. Instead, I feel at home.

my mother's work is related to mental illness. She said there was something wrong with my personality. Every time she said so, I would refute her with the same sentence:

she didn't come up with a good countermeasure. But I came up with the answer to this question yesterday:

how to explain it, that is, compared with friends who provide each other with long-term emotional value, I want my relationship with others to be "temporary". They only need to spend some time with me at important times, so even if they rent it.

but the next day she had to leave, and then I recovered alone and everything went back to normal.

perhaps only with such a short relationship can I really achieve my expectation of "talking about everything, no taboos".


friends are full, dialog boxes are full, and moments are full.

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when there is too much stuff, it becomes a burden, and so is the relationship.

it may sound selfish and unreasonable.

if I can meet a friend who is comfortable enough to talk about everything, I think she must make me feel like a temporary friend.

but it is not easy to find such a friend, because it is easy to become possessive in a friend, and once you want to possess it, the relaxed atmosphere will disappear.

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