I never build a relationship with others because I get along well with each other.

I never build a relationship with others because I get along well with each other.
Of course, I'm often different from what people think.

not only because it requires two or more people to exist, but also because its true appearance has never been confirmed.

like a kaleidoscope, if you put your eyes on the opening, there will be a lot of trivial personal clips in front of everyone's eyes.

yesterday morning, one of those people said on moments: "in a relationship, the most important thing is to talk to each other."

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but I replied: "I never build a relationship with others because I get along with each other."

the four words I originally typed were "mutual use", but I thought the word was too utilitarian, so I changed it to "mutual understanding".

although my friend did not deny it, it is difficult for me to tell whether his "can" is because "being friends requires mutual understanding" is a kind of political correctness, or because he really thinks so.

what is "chatting"?

so finally, everyone took a deep breath, contentedly agreed to meet next time, and then left one after another.

of course it's nice.

because it's too difficult.

of course, for those who have the supremacy of friendship, these are just "interruptions" that can be solved as long as they make up their minds.

so when my girlfriend calls, go and talk to her first.

I don't want to talk about this topic today, so don't continue.

and sometimes, "chat" is not because the two sides really have a lot in common, but because "one party is working very hard to get along".


some time ago, I witnessed the failure of a relationship.

We went out for midnight snacks that day, and I asked him why.

I patted him on the shoulder and said, "it's all like this."

my friend asked me, doesn't hard work prove that I value her very much?

my friend answered "Oh" and ate the rice noodles on his own.

it's hard to understand each other.

I have a friend who loves to be late so much that I have to wait twenty minutes to see him every time.

I can watch the game live or write an article about "my girlfriend is angry again".

you know, this friend will be late for no reason.

We have known each other for three or four years, and we know each other early, so there is no need to worry about these problems any more.

while good friends go a step further, not only not affecting, but also to protect each other's "shortcomings".

and I don't want to destroy it.

author /Zhang Jingbi