I love you so much.

I love you so much.
There is a retrospective video of the disorganized fourth Anniversary Exhibition.

until one midnight snack in mid-May, when we were walking along Xiheng Street in Sports, we saw a beef hot pot restaurant holding a banner "celebrating the second Anniversary of opening the Store." it was only then that the thorns suddenly said, "chaos is approaching the fourth anniversary."

what happened later, as you can see, we made a hasty and prudent decision to go to livehouse to hold a fourth anniversary exhibition for readers. You can understand the causes and consequences of the matter in this article: "We are looking for a female reader."

10-day Deadline.

negotiate and finalize the venue, sponsorship, activity form, landing plan.

plan and rehearse 15 programs such as talkshow, guitar singing, singing and dancing, rap, confession, etc.

after the fourth anniversary exhibition, she took a taxi to eat midnight snacks and didn't come from Beijing. She suddenly told me that she liked the summer in Guangzhou very much and was very comfortable.

roll the window open, suddenly feel that at that moment, in Guangzhou, taxi, evening breeze, a group of people's midnight snacks, are some key words of happiness.


the atmosphere was so low that I whispered in the distant summer ear, "can I sing a chorus later? this is my only wish today."

We went to the crowd off the stage, shook hands and hugged them like friends we hadn't seen for a long time.

actually, on Zhang's birthday in 2016, I secretly called to ask that it was just a volunteer's summer when I came to our school playground to play guitar to celebrate Zhang's birthday. On that day, several of us sang "I have to".

so in the summer of 2018, when we moved the concert to livehouse, one of my biggest wishes was to sing "I have to".

there is no special reason to like "I have to". It's just the first sentence, "it's hard to forget to meet you for the first time." I think this sentence is very suitable for summer.

when he told me about it in the summer, he shouted, how fierce.

but I didn't tell him the second half of the sentence, "it's like when I was on the playground in the summer of 2016, I knew that you sang this song, it was very good."


I feel like she's shaking a little.

every time I hug someone, I say one more word to her, "Thank you".

there is also a volunteer who dances backstage during the break, and the front desk is rehearsing. She freestyle dances according to any music and is completely immersed in it. No matter how many people pass by, she is not disturbed.

Our champagne prom dresses are designed to wow even the random onlooker. If you have any questions, our fantastic customer service is ready for you.

this happens to be what he thinks. So we went over and asked her, "would you like to jump out on the stage?"

although some people's programs were cut (including me), I was moved that no one objected to adding a dance that was not originally planned.

later, I saw her enjoying the stage on the stage. I really liked it.

A girl came over and hoped that I could take two photos with her.

later she went to Wang Zepeng and asked him to take three photos together.

she texted me backstage that day, and she said, "strong> I took a photo with each and every one of you, so I was with you!" I really like you guys.


one night I excitedly said in the group, "Let's go to livehouse." if I didn't mention it, we were going to travel.

I have been with them for many days, day and night, and I am about to move my family to their home. One night I fell asleep and heard vaguely that they were still rehearsing "eiei". I looked at it on my phone and it was 4: 00 in the morning.

A few of us passed a bar talking and laughing, and everyone looked inside at the same time, but no one dared to propose to go in for a drink.

at that time, Chen Lian and Yuanxia almost roared and sang "the Great Sage of Qi Tian" and "Rain and tears". I cried directly, or cried with guilt, because their physical condition was seriously overdrawn at that time. They could have spent their holidays on the beach.

after we finished, we went to eat beef hotpot. Before leaving, Chen Lian said to me, "eel whale, actually, you don't have to feel guilty. It's not your decision. It's the decision of a group of us."

I said, OK, got it.

I sobbed and gave him a hug. "I just found out tonight that there are so many lovely people in the world that I can't like them."

these are some recent moments about "like".

although it is always hard to breathe and fall into the predicament of not waking up, it is precisely because it is rotten to the end that it is easy to encounter some things that slowly get better.

I don't know what the meaning of this sentence is. Can you feel the temperature on the other side of the screen, but it must be meaningless if you don't say it.

for no reason, like you, you.

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