I like "friend message" because I want you to leave more messages.

I like "friend message" because I want you to leave more messages.
In fact, selection means nothing to me, because as long as you open your mouth, it doesn't matter what others say.

this function is summed up in one sentence:

to be honest, I have been waiting for this function for a long time.

complaining or feeling, it's not because friends are right, it's just that what they say is more enjoyable and easier to understand, so it's not surprising that tweets always give priority to messages from people they know.

probably there are fewer tweets that people can't help leaving messages now, not to mention messages, not many that can be pulled to the end, some are too long, some are boring, some are not interested, some see half of the news, and various internal and external causes interact with each other. as a result, you can't even see the prompt line for selected messages.

so when I first saw the "Daily Line 3 Fitness" left by my friend, I turned my head and read the tweet describing the congestion of Guangzhou Line 3 more carefully, trying to understand his feelings.

the same friend, I find that he seems to be very keen to leave messages, but he is not always selected, so I have never seen him on the message board. Now I have friends who leave messages and see each other almost every day. Seeing what he said has become my routine.

the tweet is ice cream. I've read whether it looks good or not, but in the end, what I remember more often is not the tweet, but myself at that time. I saved myself like a thermos bag and left it with emotion for a long time .

because many people want to like, it's not that they need the approval of strangers, but they just want to stay in that area, the higher the better, the easier it is to see themselves the next time they turn it up.

but even leaving aside the content, you can see it from the position at the top.

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for example, a movie review, a sentence from like-minded friends, can offset the boasting of the first three likes, and an article that advises current affairs and a question from enthusiastic friends can also calm you down instantly. These more important views on the individual should not be abandoned in the corner because of the author's subjective aesthetic and purpose.

she said that when she was a child, her parents were very busy, and only VCD was with her. She searched all the video shops near her home, and occasionally rented CDs and rented Digital Baby 01. From then on, she was bound to paint all four of them every big holiday.

so if this feature can be improved, I hope it can be traced back, so that maybe the tweets I've seen before will be pulled to the message area and there will be new surprises.

We need a way to understand the dynamics of our friends, real and unadorned, and obviously these two qualities have been gradually lost in moments.

there may have been, but they will delete them before everyone gets up, and even if there are survivors, they will be interspersed with more eye-catching pictures and will accidentally miss them.

the other day I came across a friend's message under a tweet about the state of inferiority. She said, "after all, they are all people with low self-esteem."

I think everyone has songs or articles that they want to share, not so much because they share them, but because they evoke some emotions, but they don't always generously turn into words and forward them to their moments.

so they leave messages, comment, and keep their emotions in one place in the hope that they will be seen but do not want to be seen by too many people.

one point that young people are easy to overlook is

the role of commemorating .

We always feel that we can remember everything. We can look back once and see the shape twice. We think that we will be there even if we look at it three times. Unfortunately, memory always goes much faster than we thought. When we look back, there is no trace.

if you overestimate the internal force, you have to rely on external help. A friend's message may be that external force. It may not be useful for myopia, but it can be of great help when looking far away.

I can pretend not to see, pretend not to know, but don't pretend not to feel.

actually, the selection means nothing to me, because as long as you talk, it doesn't matter what other people say.

I have no ideal