I lied to my parents about spending the night with boys.

I lied to my parents about spending the night with boys.
In three seconds, I can make up an airtight lie.

We are always trying to avoid trouble and subconsciously make up a reasonable lie.

We always face the entanglement of this contradiction and often feel depressed.

her bulky notebook, which has been used for three years, was lost in a taxi a few months ago. Right now it's a small pink Apple Notebook.

she shrugged and said that she had borrowed a little money from a friend and had not yet dared to confess to her parents that she had lost her computer, so she would certainly be taught a lesson. She only dared to say that she had broken it and repaired it and bought a new emergency.

she hopes for too long. If her parents point out that they may forget it, they will forget it.

Chen Lu's eyes lit up and clapped her hands as if I had saved her.

to be honest, if it is only Chen Lu's parents, it is still relatively elementary and easy for me to deal with.

Are you prepared to look drop dead gorgeous with our exquisite unique long dresses at your upcoming event? Our exquisite selections make the ideal gift.

my father used to engage in criminal investigation. When he was in love for the first time, he quietly turned out my text message excerpts from the corner to get a panoramic view of those ambiguous words.

and my mother is a delicate, observant woman with excruciating intuition.

when I was a child, I was able to write a report on all kinds of things to report. Report when you go out, report when you get home ten minutes late, report to make friends, and report to buy a new dress when you grow up.

and their hit rate is more than 90%.

parents are worried that they can't take care of everything and take good care of them, so they don't want you to have your own territory. but knowing too much can create a sense of shame that has been exposed.

my friend Ailiu, who is on the same road as me, not only has the cheek in fighting wits with her parents, but also has mastered online search and PS.

she didn't want to go on like this during the summer vacation when she was 21 years old.

unexpectedly, in the middle of having fun with my boyfriend on the first day, my mother suddenly sent Wechat to ask Aliufa to take a picture with his roommates at the scenic spot.

when she stared at her, she ran over to ask others if they could take a picture with them. the girls were stunned after hearing her explanation. A good trip made A Liu feel humiliated in front of her boyfriend and strangers.

during the

period, her mother would ask her to take a picture of the dormitory, and she would go online to find the picture, then use PS to fix the light according to the time point, and fine-tune the layout according to the layout.

A Liu calmly searched the detention list from her mind and asked others to help shoot one and send it to the family group.

to tell you the truth, my mother will definitely explode and will never allow her to travel. In the end, no one can convince the other, and no one will be happy.

I asked Ah Liu, do you feel guilty about lying to your family like this?

since childhood, her mother forbids her to eat snacks. There are only snacks at home during the holidays, and usually there is not even a bag of candy or biscuits.

my mother came back from work in the evening and saw her friend off. She asked "have you had a snack?"

Mom asked her angrily: "your friends have told me, but have you told me yet?"

she was so angry that she went back to school the next day and asked her friend why she had betrayed her. Her friend looked innocent and swore that she really didn't.

A Liu said, "do you know?" My mom is really smart. She asked me to take pictures and make videos for proof. she can even guess, I admit my mistake in this way. "

you didn't trust me first, but I did lie to you.