I know you've been in bad shape lately.

I know you've been in bad shape lately.
Asking for help is an ability in itself.

this sentence was typed for the first time one afternoon a year ago.

the air conditioner above my head has been set to 16 degrees. With the help of the third wind speed, the cooling effect is still not satisfactory. The document in front of me is only 34 words. After smoking half a pack of cigarettes, the fingers on the keyboard are still stiff.

this feeling of being motionless is not new. Like the stuck chapters in the paper and the moments of suffocation in love, it is another self-war about giving up.

after a whole day of stalemate with a blank brain, I finally closed my notebook and hung it dry on the chair like a used condom.

as you can see, even though I knew the question was well-intentioned, I subconsciously replied to the above innocuous remark.

and "boring" is an omnipotent excuse.

although you know in your heart that the so-called "boring" really means "no idea", "no state", "no motivation".


A professional writer will never rely on the so-called "inspiration". The lower limit of

idea is determined by the accumulation of knowledge, the lower limit of state is determined by professional ability, and the lower limit of motivation is determined by muscle memory.

people who are not professional enough tend to have high self-esteem.

it allows you to hold your breath without giving up, and it also makes you hold your breath without asking for help.

until the last month of the probationary period, the boss came to my desk and knocked on the table and signaled me to go out and talk alone.

one is the opening sentence:

one is the conclusion:

these two sentences sounded particularly harsh at that time.

people are always like this. Only after they have been poked through their awkward situation can they put down their posture and go all out to fight for it.


everyone seems to understand this truth.

there are a lot of such friends around:

in fact, it is already a bit silly in this case, because there are no more than two results:

second, you get through it, but you will also feel lonely.


not only to liven up the atmosphere, but also because I can see my shadow in their constant sighs.

and I hope they can understand

earlier than I did before:

and to be honest that there is no way is the best way. "

and the ultimate goal of all these efforts is not to make yourself needless, but to make yourself worthy of help.

author /Tan Min

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