I know the Sea King is very beautiful, but I suggest you watch Dog Thirteen first.

I know the Sea King is very beautiful, but I suggest you watch Dog Thirteen first.
After watching the movie, read this article again.

I went to all the major websites to see it, and these nine answers roughly answered all the questions about the movie.

can't I understand it? No, I won't.

does it look good?

because it provides a perspective.

there may be box office differences, but there is no victory or defeat, because each has its own strengths.

three, the English film title

"Dog 13" is "Einstein and Einstein". The two dogs Li played with in the film are also named Einstein. Does such a name mean anything?

the director replied at that time: "the name 'Einstein' has no special meaning, but with your explanation, it makes more sense."

Einstein, Einstein, A Stone.

the dog named Einstein? It enters Li's life and becomes the key trigger point of "confrontation", and then uses its loss and encounter to tell the audience about Li's changes. But if it is gone, these conflicts, Li play the change will not happen?

in my opinion, the movie Dog Thirteen is itself a stone.

maybe not as sharp as "I am not the god of medicine" or as lively as "nobody", but this stone is also worth observing.

I asked the director four questions, and the director's answer finally returned to the word "misplaced".

Chinese parents ask their children to be sensible, but in fact, they just ask their children to "listen to themselves" or live in the "way they think is right".

so whenever we ask for something as children, the elders will not consider it from our point of view, but only from their own point of view.

"Dad wants to make money, so he doesn't have time to accompany you";

"I hit you, I feel more distressed than you";

We think that our parents don't love us, and we think we don't deserve to be loved.

in fact, "dislocation" is very common in life, but I can't express it as clearly as the director, so again, I suggest you go to see this movie.

the story in the movie takes place in 2006, when the heroine Li play was 13 years old, that is to say, this film is about what happened to a girl in 1993 at the age of 13.

when we were growing up, we should have heard "you must be sensible /you must be obedient" no less than ten thousand times. Adults use "sensible /obedient" to describe our character, but no one has ever explained to us what "sensible /obedient" is.

in fact, the purpose of this movie is to cut apart these "common" families and make us realize why we have become who we are today.

Why do people around you describe you as "unapproachable"?

Why do you often deny yourself?

. These questions don't make much sense at first glance.

the greatest concern never comes from the embrace of others, but from self-examination.

before the end of the interview, the director left us a message:

this film just magnifies these problems. Then you will find that it actually has a lot of shadow in the growth of your future life, and these problems will affect your life.


so the day after tomorrow, I will buy another ticket and go to the cinema to see the movie.

"Sea King", which is also released today, has a screening rate of 53%.

weekend is here, everyone.

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