"I hope you can still love me."

"I hope you can still love me."
Are you still there? the blade won't be blunt, is it?

surprisingly, many people quietly liked this untimely moments.

on the one hand, with a little reminiscence, but more reluctantly admit: I am old and still --

so don't call me if you need to stay up late.

if you accidentally forget what you promised, please understand me: it is inevitable that I have a bad memory when I get older. I really didn't mean it.

I snorted and laughed at her for being paranoid: "you're just too tired at work, don't you like to work out?" I'll be back when I have time to go to the gym. "

after thinking about it, I still put my rarely used fitness card to a second-hand trading website for transfer, and angrily dragged me to a big meal, saying that it was a farewell ceremony to the vest line.

like people thrown into the workplace.

"I thought I would be free if I went to a big city, but now I can't even keep my hairline."

when I was a child, I was forced to practice those boring classical songs more than a dozen times every day. I tried to resist angrily, and my mother said, "do you know how expensive the tuition is?"

occasionally the teacher will teach me my favorite children's songs, and practicing the piano has become an interesting thing. But when I first realized the fun of playing, my mother would throw cold water on it in time: "Don't focus on these useless things all day, and your interest can't be eaten as a meal."

so even if the teacher inadvertently mentioned during the chat that "Xiao Huan is very talented, maybe she can develop in this direction in the future," my mother would ignore the eagerness in my eyes to interrupt the teacher's words: "what does she do? I don't know if she can be admitted to a good school for three days of fishing and two days of netting."

someone has already made a choice for you, and you don't even have the right to express it.

in the inherent belief of most parents, only by studying hard can there be a future.

the only reliable thing is to study hard, be admitted to a good university, and then strive to be a civil servant or graduate student, and follow the path that they think is smooth.

I remember the first time I encountered this kind of situation, I was so surprised that I almost dropped my chopsticks on the ground. I looked around and asked my friends carefully, "is this really okay?"

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he pretended to have the wrong idea: "Xiao Huan said he would join you, too. Bring her piano quickly."

it is certain to attract attention, but there are no accusations or complaints. At the end of the song, the people at the next table were clapping, and there was even the sound of "one more song" coming out of nowhere.

We are always accustomed to giving a sense of ritual love: to find a quiet afternoon to make a cup of tea, to draw a picture must turn out a thick drawing board and carefully conceive it by the window.

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the boy sitting in the 24-hour convenience store, frowning and biting the straw, staring at the computer in front of him, said nothing;

but in the taxi coming and going, there are always people who struggle until early morning to drag their tired bodies home.

so I have been afraid to hear those voices of regret, afraid that at some point in the future I will suddenly remember:

I used to have something I love.

so I have been afraid to hear those voices of regret, afraid that at some point in the future I will suddenly remember:

We always think that we can only live up to ourselves and live up to our lives if we come to big cities to fight hard.

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life