I have sent you this message more than 2000 times.

I have sent you this message more than 2000 times.
How good friends talk.

I tried it once, and then I was surprised to find that in the chat notes with others, there were more than 2000 messages related to "ha".

I have to say that when two people get to know each other to a certain extent, even the way they chat will become different.

through this article, I hope that those who have doubts about friendship will be more confident about their relationship with their good friends.

you can swear freely

look for "spicy chicken" in the chat notes of good friends. There are 413 related records.

"Hey, get back to me, you dead man!"

chat with a friend who has known each other for five years, and we all call each other uncle.

"Daddy is very disappointed in you, son."

"being polite" does not exist among good friends.

but that doesn't mean we don't respect each other, just because we all think it's funny.

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the chat style of "talking to each other" is a real friend restriction.

such a small thought, you will only want to send it to the friend you care about the most, and only in the friend who cares about you most, no matter how small it is.

can begin without pleasantries and end without notice

"are you still fighting with him?"

can you talk this morning and last night

my good friend told me to resign, and it took me four days to reply to her

compared to "have you eaten?" What we ask more is, "are you home yet?"

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it's troublesome to know that she will listen carefully and give me an answer

, so except for my very good friends, I will translate it into words.

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A polite inquiry, even if it comes to the point, can only be politely passed.

after having a lot of meals with colleagues recently, I summed up a truth:

it's like I don't eat cilantro, but in front of a group of unfamiliar people, I won't say anything. When the relationship is slightly better, I will habitually say, "I hate this most."

I tried to analyze this difference afterwards, and found that behind it is the prediction of "being valued":

when you think the other person may take it seriously and want the other person to take it seriously, it will be exaggerated;

so in my opinion, a solid friendship must have a characteristic, that is, to be sure and relax.

if you see this, such a person comes to mind.

if not, don't worry.

and the most taboo of consensus is unilateral disappointment.

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